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📅 [DEC 20, 2021]

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It’s happening…

The time has finally come for the biggest eCommerce platform in the world to immerse itself with the future of the internet. Just last week Shopify has announced they are launching a beta program for Shopify Plus members to Mint & Sell NFTs using their native platform.

Brands and Artists alike will be able to mint & sell their own branded NFTs with Shopify using their Shopify Payments system – directly from your store (using partnered apps & popular blockchain providers).

The future is coming quicker than we anticipated with Web 3.0.

Now you can reward your VIP customers in a unique way, use flash sales to promote brand awareness rather than simply clear out inventory, or even add a new stream of revenue using a different kind of membership tier.

The possibilities are endless…

In this week’s issue: 

  • What To Do When Hitting Your Goals Seem So Far Away
  • Last weeks magnetic Startup Booster Session with PADL
  • How Do Seasoned Professionals Build A Successful Team?
  • Feature Friday with Furlough’s Business Extraordinaire, Ophir Gadot
  • An exciting new opportunity for Web Developers
  • Last Weeks Best Bits

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🙌  Week Kick Off

What To Do When Hitting Your Goals Seem So Far Away

What To Do When Hitting Your Goals Seem So Far Away

The results are in!

Furlough’s LinkedIn following increased by a whopping 20% from last week. Our community members have also seen amazing organic reach from posting consistently.

We really encourage you to set micro goals for yourself, whether that be posting on LinkedIn 5 times a week or spending an hour a day learning a new skill. Whatever it is, your micro goals will help you achieve your macro goals over time. Breaking down the macro into increments seems a lot less daunting and provides you with much needed direction.

Speaking of goals:

Furlough is in the process forecasting projections for the future. Our goal is to transition community members into full time roles, enable more members to work on paid projects and take financial stressors off of contributors plates.

How will we do this?

Increase revenue. 

According to Ophir, hitting the $2 million mark is feasible for 2022. If we all work together, we can do great things.

In other news…

We’re wishing a warm welcome to an OG that’s back in Furlough! Diego, a specialist who worked with an agency in Lisbon is going to be helping us on our SEO efforts.

Don’t forget to say hi to him in today’s Kick Off at 10:30am EST!


Making Waves With PADL

When we told you this company was making waves in the self-service Paddle board & Kayak industry, we didn’t even touch the surface on the amazing things this company is planning.

To explain what PADL really does best, they are taking the urban bike rental model from land to sea.

Using their native application, you can download PADL on the App Store or Google Play.

Then from there, you grab some friends, find the station nearest to you and hit the water.

Easy as that.

But when we sat down with Andres, one of the founding members at PADL we got a glimpse into their origin story as well as a look at where they are headed.

And in last weeks Startup Booster Session,

We uncovered some of their deepest challenges after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

From a business standpoint:

  • Their business model is bullet proof
  • Their customer retention is off the charts
  • And their flexibility to implement changes on the fly are unparalleled

But from a marketing standpoint,

  • They need to unlock new channels of monetization
  • Implement upsells for their current membership program
  • Improve their current customer acquisition strategy to increase traffic at new locations

This is why growth through collaboration can be so powerful!

Don’t worry if you missed last week’s action packed session.

This week’s Startup Booster Session, we’re going to be diving into VAE Labs (a startup consumables brand).

Join the #Furlounge this Tuesday @ 2pm for some high-level marketing insights!

If you’re a brand looking to get your startup boosted, then send a message to one of the community managers in the Furlough discord to join the waitlist. (Spots are LIMITED)



How Do Seasoned Professionals Build A Successful Team?

How Do Seasoned Professionals Build A Successful Team?

This week we switched things up with an open format mastermind!

Here’s a snippet of what you missed:

“How do seasoned professionals build a successful team?”

Here are three questions to ask yourself before bringing on a team member:
1. Are the trustworthy?
2. Do they have integrity?
3. Can they troubleshoot?

At this point you might be thinking “what about past experience?”

Here’s the unfortunate truth. Past performance does not indicate future results.  

Although experience is valuable, you can’t underestimate the power of shared goals and mindset. If you’re both on the same page in terms of the mission, vision and culture, your team is likely to stay strong in the long run.

“Should I start a Youtube channel for my business and what should I consider?”

With YouTube, one of the most difficult parts is actually starting.

It can seem intimidating, putting yourself out there but it’s all part of the process. Document your journey. Make yourself relatable. People love looking back at their favourite Youtubers “early days” footage.

Once you’re comfortable with creating content focus on SEO.

Conduct keyword research. Figure out what your target audience are searching for. People love to write questions in the YouTube search bar so that’s a great place to start. Ask yourself, “what questions are people asking that relate to the content I’m making?”

Top tip: Don’t sleep on Voice SEO!

As virtual assistant technology becomes the norm, more and more people are using voice search. When you are crafting headlines, try to word them in a natural, conversational way.

For example:

Instead of  “Restaurants near me” you would say “What’s the best restaurant in Miami?”

 Found this useful? Then don’t sleep on this weeks Mastermind on Wednesday at 2pm EST.


Furlough’s Business Extraordinaire, Ophir Gadot

Furlough's Business Extraordinaire, Ophir Gadot

Here’s what you missed from last weeks mastermind:

If you’re new here how can you get involved in the community?

Ophir’s recommendation to everyone in the server: Push to make things happen. This is how you insight collaboration.

All you have to do is show up. That’s half the battle!

By getting involved in the different threads and voice channels, you are guaranteed to make new connections.

Will this community be monetized? 

We’ve had a lot of people telling us that they’ve found so much value in Furlough that they would pay for a membership to the community. As flattering as that is, we don’t want to sell to you.

Our sessions aren’t to sell, they are to help.

What does Furlough look like in 2022?

Everyday our resources are stacking. We welcomed Ophir Gadot and Roslyn Fawns as partners in Furlough but it doesn’t stop there. Next year, there will be additional openings for more members to become partners!

If you haven’t heard already, we are in the middle of developing a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Members who are part of the DAO will be able to vote and participate in important decision making within Furlough. We aim to launch this in March/April of 2022!

You can watch the replay here:




An Exciting New Opportunity For Web Developers

An Exciting New Opportunity For Web Developers

If you are a WordPress developer and are able to emulate a site, we have an opportunity for you.

Alex is looking for some help building out a new website and needs a WordPress Dev.

Since this opportunity is time sensitive,

Reach out to Alex G. through Discord ASAP and get paid.

If you’re looking to build your portfolio this is a fantastic gig to add to your resume.

Head on over to the #💸opportunities channel in the Furlough discord for more details.


🤳 Round-Up

🤳 Round-Up

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community:

UI/UX: How to do user research without access to the end users.
SEO: How misspelled keywords affect SEO.
TOOLS: Send multiple Twitter DMs at once to all your post replies.

See you on Discord!

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