How to Travel for Cheap This Summer?


The summer is here, and now is the time to reach into those bank accounts and start spending all that money you worked so hard for. Wait, is there a way to experience beautiful places around the world AND not be completely broke by the time summer is over? We are going to break down some of the best traveling tips and tricks so you don’t go broke on your trip to Greece.

This article will help to address a few of the main components you need to consider when deciding to travel internationally on a budget. You don’t need to have lots of money to be able to see some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer.


The Main Points to Consider when Traveling

So there are several factors to consider when you are deciding where you are going to go this summer. Below are a few of the most important:

  •     Budget
  •     Transportation
  •     Accommodations
  •     Location

Rewards Programs

One of the most well-known tips for traveling on a budget is to use your points accrued from airline miles and credit purchases. If you don’t have a travel card, it would benefit you to get one and start piling up those points. The safest way to go about doing this is to stick to this basic principle. “Don’t spend what you don’t have.” 

The way to get the most out of your rewards is by redeeming your points for the most expensive hotels and flights. Don’t forget to book early and during non-peak seasons. Check out this blog by Credit Karma comparing the best credit cards for travelling.


Your Budget Helps Make Decisions for You

Some places in the world will cost you more to visit than others. For example, visiting New York City is much more expensive than visiting Bali. Both places could be beautiful but offer very different experiences.

Often times, you can save some money when you sacrifice inconvenience and time. For example: say you find a straight flight for 4 hours with no stops. This sounds great, but you could potentially save at least $100 or more by picking a flight with an hour-long layover. Consider picking different airports nearby your destination that may be less convenient. Also, sacrifice going on a cheaper airline, but be aware of hidden fees.

To save money on flights, consider using these websites. With these you can be sure you will find the cheapest days and times to fly.


The Best Accommodations Have Changed

It used to be that when it came to finding a place to stay when you traveled, you would start looking at hotels in the area. This has totally changed. Even when you are looking for hotels, there are newer ways to save money now.

Firstly, instead of staying in a busy hotel with lots of other people and a small room, you could try renting an Airbnb all to yourself and spend less. Groups up to 4 are best for traveling, because you can split costs up evenly and won’t have to worry about getting a bigger place to stay. 

The tradeoff of convenience and comfort is key here. You can get a hotel for the convenience of location, and you know you have a safe and comfortable place to stay (hopefully). Another option you have is to stay at other people’s homes on their couch for free or in local hostels. These may not be the most private options, but they are by far the cheapest. You can book your hostel with Hostelworld for the best options.

So lastly, you could stay in a hotel if you want. If you want to try saving money with a hotel, you could get a traveling credit card to use the reward points you get for any hotel you want.



This is by no means an all-inclusive guide to traveling cheap. As you can see now, there are many options to doing it, depending on your unique situation. With the points listed in this article, you now have enough knowledge to take the first steps towards traveling internationally with little cost.

It can be a bit overwhelming to think of all the different ways you could be traveling and how you should be going about saving the most amount of money. Fortunately for us, there are many people who have tried to do the same things you are doing. We can learn from that.

Take the first step now. According to Jim Qwik, “Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power.” Look up some flights using one of the websites listed above and determine what airport, airline, time, and days would be the best fit for visiting that destination. You could even consider applying for a new credit card to start earning those reward points.