Huawei Executive Says, Hongmeng OS Isn’t an Android Replacement


Catherine Chen, VP, said, Hongmeng OS is not as complicated as a smartphone OS. Hence it is very secure.

A company executive of Huawei told that the upcoming Hongmeng operative system is not an Android alternative. It is not meant for smartphones. The company applied to trademark its Hongmeng OS in at least nine countries earlier this month. This move came after the US government put on a trade ban on Huawei.

The board members and senior Vice President Catherine Chen has also supported this fact that the new operating system is not meant for smartphones. She further added that the phones will continue to operate on Google’s Android OS.

To the Chinese media was told by Chen that the Hongmeng OS has been developed for industrial purposes. The new OS was under development even before the company started to search for an Android OS alternative.

Chen told about Hongmeng that it contains much fewer lines of codes than a smartphone OS. Hence, it is very secure. It will also be extremely low on latency as compared to a smartphone OS.

The fresh statements made by Chen faded all claims made by VP of Huawei Technologies’ Public Affairs and Communications Andrew Williamson. He speculated that the company will trademark Hongmeng. He said it is likely to become available to a million devices in China.

Huawei is also working on an Android OS alternative. The founder and CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei said at the beginning of the month that Huawei is working on the development of Play Store and App Store alternatives.

The developers are already brainstorming to achieve the objective. Hongemeng OS is expected to be versatile and faster than Google’s Android and Apple’s Mac OS.

Robin Parry
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