In The Studio With Nicky Lazou @nickylazou


We catch up with Nicky Lazou, hair extraordinaire and authority in the beauty community. 

Nicky started working in the hair industry at only 15 years old! She had natural flair and now is one of the most sought after industry hair specialists. Nicky is living the life of dreams, traveling the word and colouring hair in places like The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and London. 


Now a fast growing professional influencer specialising in all things hair, she is expanding into the makeup and fashion industries. You need to check out her Instagram Reels and IGTV. They are packed with amazing insider tips and professional advice. From hair care to styling and DIYs, Nicky has got you covered!

Nicky Lazou Hair Stylist colourist


Biggest challenges

Believing in yourself. Having a vision and believing in yourself enough to make it happen. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can do some things, so you are your own worst enemy and this stops you from achieving your goals. Once you go past that hard part of believing you can and the jump from ’can I’ to yes I can then it’s just a snowball of one success after another.” 


Nicky’s USP


As a professional Nicky is extremely knowledgeable in the field so her advice is crucial to client hair glow ups! With 17 years under her belt as a colourist, it is amazing to see that she has been kind enough to share a lot of her knowledge on her channels. 

Fun fact

Nicky makes mouth watering blueberry muffins!


Long-term goals


Nicky recently had a baby boy! A huge congratulations from Furlough to you Nicky!


Along with raising her son she is currently developing her own hair care and cultivating her presence as a colourist on social media. 

Who’s your inspiration?


“I love business. Currently, I love Jessica Alba, she’s a great mum and an entrepreneur and that’s my goal. I don’t idolize anyone. I believe we are all great in our own way and all have a unique purpose in life.”


Aha moment?


“My baby and Lockdown made me realise I wanted to push my hair care line launching soon and my aha moment was when I realised how much I enjoyed creating content for my Instagram and advising/reviewing new products and tools during lockdown.”


Time machine!


Nicky doesn’t consider herself as a fan girl but is instead inspired by smart, intelligent, driven people.

We love that!


“I love how social media has given people the opportunity to become somebody’s and grow a presence for themselves online. I really love people who make a change in our world and leave an imprint on this earth. Selfless people who think of the next generation and who can leave this world better for them. Some are Albert Einstein, Jesus, Muhammad Ali and Princess Diana.”


What is the change you inspire in the world:


“If it’s not positive, don’t say it.”


We agree Nicky! There is too much negativity in the world as it is. It becomes unproductive. 


It’s easy to criticize people, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Believing in oneself. Nobody is born a great leader; people become them under the right circumstances. It’s easy to follow others, but hard to get in charge of one’s own decisions. People often hold the key to great potential; they just need to get out of their comfort zone to become aware of their own capabilities. True leaders challenge people to think outside the box; they disrupt their normality by showing them how it’s done.’




Instilling a need to effect change into those who work alongside you to better prepare them to lead into a new tomorrow.”



One piece of advice for your followers:


“Life is a short trip. Go out there and make it happen. 

Fuel your body and mind with wellness, good food and good thoughts.

Always choose what is right. 

Treat everyone equally.

Stay true to who you are.

Walk with confidence.

Believe in yourself.

Stand your ground.

Reach for the stars.”

Quick Fire


Nicky has a love for French cuisine. 


Her favourite places to travel have bright blue, clear sea and lots of sun.


Her favourite book is “Power of The Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy


She is launching a hair mask and has some amazing brands that she is currently working with which will be revealed in the near future!


Thank you so much Nicky for chatting with us! We are really excited to hear about all of your upcoming projects and we will be keeping up with all of your haircare insider tips!


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