Instagram to Alert the Violators Before Deleting the Accounts


Many people from around the world complained about Instagram deleting their account due to policy violations. The photo-sharing platform has now started to inform the user before deleting their account. Instagram is adding this new warning alert system in which the user will be able to see the post, stories, and comments that have been removed from the application.

If the user still posts similar content on their profile which violates the policy of Instagram then it will pose a permanent ban on their account.

The benefits of this alert are that the user can directly appeal to Instagram about the ban on their account. Now you do not have to scroll through the help page on the internet. Earlier their were limitations to nudity or hate speech on Instagram and if some posts offend you then you can report it to Instagram. According to Instagram, they are going to improve their policies and expand the appeal types on their platform so that it will be easier for everyone to use.

Now, other social media platform like Facebook is also planning on using such features and will provide more ways to report the content. This will help in removing the actors who have a wrong influence on their users.

Due to such steps taken by Instagram many models, photographers and movie stars have started to speak against such policy. Many people lost their accounts with millions of follows within overnight due to the policy violation.

Earlier the people who have violated the policy of Instagram for a certain percentage will only get banned. But now the people who are repeatedly violating the policies are also getting under the ban. This step was taken when a 21-year-old boy killed a 19-year girl and posted the pictures on Instagram.

Peter Grimwood
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