Kiersten Hollerback a Furlough Exclusive | @kiersten.hollerback


Kiersten Hollerback (@kiersten.hollerback) an influencer in the Fitness, Fashion, Travel, and Business niches is quite the busy college student. She has been attending the University of Florida for the past three years while taking an internship in Tampa, running her social media, and finding time for her clothing line.

She was born and raised in New Jersey on October 5th, 1998. When it came time to find a college, she decided to move to Gainesville, Florida to go to the UF.

We asked what she loves about her city.

I love the ocean, diversity, tons of things to do, great music scene, amazing people, and the healthy food places.

Her love for fitness and fashion developed over the years as she shared her story on Instagram. Not only is she active and has a strong fashion sense, but she also owns her own clothing business on the side called Yin and Yang Apparel.

She hopes to keep growing her side business while growing her personal Instagram to become a bigger influencer in the future. About a year ago she only had 3000 followers on Instagram. Today she has a little over 22,000.

It’s been a slow and steady growth but I’m finally at a place where I can truly influence a good number of people, which has always been a passion of mine.


Her journey thus far has not come easy. Firstly, when she moved to a new state, she had to overcome being alone at the start of college, because she didn’t know anyone. She had to learn how to adapt to a new environment as a young adult with little to no knowledge of living on her own.

After that, she started a business and had to overcome a lot of struggles and failures in learning how to run her own business. There are other struggles in her own personal life that helped shift into the person she is today.

It is important to her to show that no one’s life is perfect and everyone you see on Instagram is going through some sort of struggle or has been through a hard time at some point.

When thinking more about where she sees herself In 10 years, she said, “I see myself traveling the world doing what I love, where I want, and wherever I want, working from my phone and my laptop and being able to actually experience life.”

Kiersten hopes to be an even bigger influencer and change peoples’ lives for the better.

Here is a fun fact that not many people know about her. She’s a DJ on the side!

As an influencer, she has worked with multiple brands such as Showpo, Rebellious Fashion, Pretty Little Thing, and Lounge Underwear. She tells us she doesn’t have any dream brands. Although, she would love to work with any brand that treats it’s customers and influencers well, has great products, and has the drive to be successful.

“Do you, for you, always. This means to follow your heart, follow your dreams and do what will make YOU happy, no one else.”

To stay updated on Kiersten’s journey, you can follow her on Instagram @kiersten.hollerback or Twitter @kierstenmarie0.

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