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Renee Estella @reneeestella was born in the early fall of September 12, 1993, and grew up to be an awe-inspiring influencer, a full-time model, and a fashion designer. She moved to Miami, Florida, as a relentless individual and stroke success after success. We believe her fighting spirit is what inspires her 600k+ loyal followers to keep up with her and now that we got the chance to interview her, we’re excited to let our readers know how Renee does it.

The Pillars of Success

Image of Renee Estella in Black Lingerie

As a thriving full-time Latin model herself, she loves to flatter her amazing body with wondrous swimsuits from Icon Swim as its proud ambassador. Renee has worked with @iconswim, @fashionnova, @mavenbeauty, @romwe_fun, @darcsport, @gbthforever, and has many more brands on her hands. Now, she has jumped into the fashion industry and is working hard on building her own clothing brand. She’s not afraid of failures as it gives her the strength to go after her goals harder and with more determination.

Special Things about Renee

Image of Renee Estella at her home

Renee told us the things many people don’t know about her., She loves her people! She won’t miss the chance to take care of the people she loves and nurtures those who matter the most to her. Who knows that Renee is a super neat and organized person? We do! She also believes being an influencer does not mean she needs to jump into the rat race to compete with other influencers, “Every influencer is special in their own way.” said our lovely model. Despite that, being one step ahead of the trend is what sets her apart from any other influencer. 

Future Plans for Renee

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Renee has an ongoing project of designing and working on a unisex clothing line on her website which will be out in the market online in the upcoming months. She’s also planning to continue to grow as a person, to establish her name as a personal brand as well as a fashion powerhouse, and while at it, inspire millions of others to believe in themselves and live out loud unattached from other people’s opinion.

Words to Live By

To finish our interview, we asked Renee what advice she would give to her followers. She told us, “The best advice I can offer is that you get what you work for. Be stronger than your excuses and take daily radical steps to make your dreams come true. No can be like  you and that is your superpower!”

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