Love of Music with Alahna Ly @alahnaly


Born in Royal Oak, Michigan on March 11, 2000, we introduce you to Alahna Ly @alahnaly. She now lives in Miami, Florida. Alahna loves the warm weather and amazing food from Miami but would prefer if it were less crowded and people actually knew how to drive. In the coming years, she imagines herself moving to Los Angeles.


From a very young age, Alahna fell in love with music. She listened to all sorts of bands and singers that influenced her, including Hip Hop, R&B, and Alternative. She was a cheerleader and went to public school until age 16 and then switched to online school. Alahna has been pursuing her social media singing career since she was about 15 years old, posting videos and pictures of herself constantly. At the beginning of her career, she was mainly posting singing videos and doing trendy dances. Alahna is currently pursuing her music career and working towards that goal.

Next 10 years

Alahna loves the Arts and communicating with people, so in the next 10 years, she sees herself being an entertainer in diverse areas like music, film, or television.


Struggles on the Internet

Some struggles Alahna has experienced during her journey as an Internet star is being taken advantage of and being lied to by certain people in the industry. She has learned a lot through her different experiences and she advises not to believe everything you hear. Another struggle she has experienced is receiving hateful comments online. The Internet can be a very volatile area and social media bullying takes places almost every day which spreads negativity around. Sometimes people dislike you for just being you. Alahna also mentioned being careful of what you post on the Internet since it stays there forever and you can’t take it back once it is out there.



Inspiring Others

Alahna loves sports too. Not many people will believe it, but she was actually a football player in 8th grade. She was the first girl to join and play football on an all-male team in her school. She hopes this will inspire girls to play football too.


Alahna feels proud of having worked with @fashionnova in the past for clothes since they fit her brand perfectly. She is enthusiastic and would like to work with other brands especially high fashion luxury brands like  @chanelofficial, @gucci and @prada.


To end this interview, we asked Alhana for some advice for her followers. Her advice is to not listen to negative people and always believe in yourself. “Anything is possible in this world if you really want it bad enough,” she said.

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