Lunging from The World of Fitness to The Music Industry with @theameliaskye


In June 2019, Amelia Skye won her pro status in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Division, at 24 years old. What was a very proud moment for her in Los Angeles, CA, soon became an extremely dark year. She spoke to us about how she overcame her struggles with mental illness and how she is busy working on her true passion, releasing her first EP.  Her love for people radiates in everything she does and the way she talks about her future goals.

How Amelia got her Start?

Amelia Skye graced this world on February 5th, 1995. With her bubbly personality and love for singing, she sang her first National Anthem at only 14 years of age. All through her teens and into her early 20’s, she sang at athletic events, including an AZ Diamondback vs LA Dodgers game. Amelia decided to put her singing on hold to pursue a career in bodybuilding. She developed an eating disorder that was followed by depression and anxiety. She decided to focus on herself, move to Atlanta, GA, and give up competing in competitions.

Dealing with Depression & Anxiety

When the fitness star moved to Atlanta, her life changed for the better. She gave herself to God and opened up about her not so perfect life. She is transparent and honest with her fans about her toxic relationship with food from her bodybuilding prep and that this is something that could happen to anyone. Her faith helped her realize that her gifts were ones she had to share through her story. A cross tattooed on the back of her neck is a daily reminder of who helped her through her eating disorder and depression. 

Amelia Skye’s portrayal of herself

Amelia has an amazing following on social media, just shy of 2 million fans, and encourages them to live their authentic life by doing things such as not always being photoshoot ready, and doing Instagram Live with no makeup and her hair in a bun. Transparency is what sets Amelia apart from the rest.

What does Amelia Skye have planned for the future?

Amelia describes herself as a lover and hopes that sharing her story with people, whether in person, on social media or through a world tour, can help them realize that you don’t have to live in the darkness alone and that there is always a way out. “It’s just a matter of finding your gift and moving forward.” She has been actively working on releasing an EP and is hoping for a world tour to follow soon.

Changing Views on Christianity

Jesus is Amelia’s first priority and she always puts her relationship with him first. She works extremely hard for her gorgeous body and has a way of taking tasteful pictures that change people’s view on how Christian women should dress. Amelia proves that you can love the body you are in, be proud of it and still be a child of God. 

Wisdom from Amelia Skye

One thing that has stuck with Amelia is a quote from her favorite movie growing up, A Cinderella Story, and that is “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” It is her daily reminder to never let fear keep her from doing what she loves.

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