Meet The King of Branding @jesseconnects


The online space has opened up a wealth of opportunities for learning and growth. Take Jesse for example, he started studying some marketing courses in early 2020 and went on to launch his very own marketing agency, covering website design, SEO and Facebook Ads.

Talk about taking action and making it happen!

Within a few months of studying, he scored a sales position in a large agency, focusing on social growth. If that wasn’t enough success already, he was closing $40k not long after starting this new position.

Jesse’s journey continued after connecting with his two future business partners, Ibrahim Ansari and Renzo Guevarra.

Growthology Agency was born.

Right off the bat, they were seeing success and realised how important it was for brands to have a higher follower count on Instagram. The result is cultivating credibility for anyone looking to establish themselves in the online world.

“Within 3-4 months of launching Growthology we hit 6 figures!”

Their sales team now works around the clock bringing in clients from all areas of business. Whether you’re a personal trainer, entrepreneur or personal brand, they grow and establish their clients by bringing in a minimum of 15k-20k real engaging followers. This gives businesses the real credibility that so many desire. 

A Day in The Life of a Business Owner

Jesse’s day starts bright and early at 5am!

From 5:30 he schedules his daily workout in, and from 7am it’s onto breakfast!

By 8am it’s straight to business, taking calls, coaching the team and helping clients with their specific needs.

Maintaining balance between health and fitness means that you will have the mental stamina to keep achieving those goals in the long run!

Biggest challenge

One of the biggest challenges he faced was quitting his full time job to pursue his entrepreneurial journey. 

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, he was told by almost everyone in his life that it was a bad idea. 

“I trusted my gut and took the step of faith. Now look where I am today.”

When you try to do something out of the norm it tends to make people feel uncomfortable. But you have to remember just because they feel uncomfortable it doesn’t mean you have to be.

Keep moving forward!

What makes Jesse different?

“I believe that I’m genuinely a relatable guy who is easy to connect with, most of my clients/team members say half the reason they joined my business is because they found it easy to talk to me and because they could see my drive was to help people with the skills I had learned.”

We have to agree Jesse!

Being relatable and having the ability to connect with people is a key aspect of developing business relationships. Having emotional intelligence allows you to make good decisions and of course, that keeps clients happy!

Key Strengths

Jesse is a natural at creating new relationships with anyone he connects with.

“I’ve always felt I’m an easy going guy and I believe that’s why others enjoy being around me.”

Long term goal:

One of Jesse’s goals is to hit 7 figures in the coming months. 

“As for my end goal, it’s to get into real estate and start owning and renting properties out. Doing this would give me the opportunity/freedom to open up my own boxing gym and train young kids about discipline and the science of boxing.”

It’s amazing to see someone go after massive goals that many would only dream of pursuing. It’s even better when those goals help the greater community. 

Who’s your inspiration:

“I look up to a lot of people, but I definitely have one role model I look to most, my Grandfather Iliafi Esera has been one of my biggest role models to date.”

Growing up, Jesse’s Grandfather didn’t have much, but everything he has done, has been for his family.

“I wish someday I can be as selfless as him. To this day he still teaches me about staying humble and respectful. He reminds that “everything I have and everything I’ve accomplished has been by the grace of God.”

“Aha” Moment

Jesse’s “ah ha” moment was when he realised that working 9-5 was making somebody else rich. He knew at that moment that he needed to walk his own path and create his own future. 

The one thing Jesse told us that he wishes he could change, was to never start a job after school. 

“I would have gone straight into launching my business because Like i said, I was making someone else rich the whole time.”

What is the change you inspire in the world?

Jesse is an advocate of the Denzel Washington quote:

“Don’t aspire to be great, aspire to make a change.”

“My end goal, as I mentioned, is to start a boxing gym and take the youth off the street and teach them how to use their hands in the art of boxing.”

That is so inspiring! We love to hear of people who bring out the best in others and support them on their journey. We are very much about this in Furlough too!

One piece of advice for your followers

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Quick Fire 

Favorite restaurant?


Favorite Place to Travel?


Favorite book?

“The Bible.”

Target audience/niche?

“Personal Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Personal Brands etc.”

Brand Collabs You Would Love To Do

“Would definitely love to work with Sports based brand such as Nike, Adidas etc”

Thank you so much for chatting with us Jesse, it has been a pleasure!

If you would like to check out Jesse or reach out to him you can find him here:

Instagram: @jesseconnects

You can also check out Growthology, his agency here: @growthologyagency