Miami’s Very Own Chris Diaz | @itschrisdiaz


It’s a great sunny day in Miami and we had the chance to get together with entrepreneur Chris Diaz also known as @itschrisdiaz on Instagram. Born in the beautiful Miami, FL on October 28th, 1993. He has Miami down to his core. What he loves about Miami is the luxurious lifestyle. He says it’s a city that provides so much opportunity and is extremely beneficial as an entrepreneur because of the proximity you have with so many successful people in one city. The networking, connections, and different people you can meet can all really open up endless possibilities for you. What I dislike is the lack of authenticity that you can find in people and the city can create a really competitive/envious environment.

He started off as an instagram personality, life coach and transformational thought leader. Mastered the art of branding on Instagram, and his brand grew large enough to begin reaching the right people which led to me start making the right connections. He then grew my digital network to 100K+ filled with elite businesses, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and influencers. He leveraged this network to drive traffic to different pages. After creating the proper partnerships, and seeing much success, he founded Chris Diaz Agency.

When it came to adversity this is what Chris had to say: 

“Most of the adversity you face are from your friends that see you are pursuing something that they had the chance to, but didn’t. Same goes for family. A lot of people normally in the beginning of your journey will doubt you and convince you to do otherwise, but the best way to overcome adversity is to have a belief stronger than anybody’s doubt. Once you have developed a vision for your plan or goal, don’t let anybody stop you. Be prepared to lose friends, gain haters, and doubters, but it’s all a sign that you’re on the right path because along your journey you discover and attract supporters and help from the right people believe in you.”

In 10 years he hopes to see myself as a transformational thought leader empowering millions of people to pursue their passion and dreams demonstrating his success which he built from nothing. Consulting for multiple 8-10 figure business, owning over 100 doors in real estate,  traveling the world, and doing what he loves. He is a lover and the most interesting fact he claims that people don’t know about him is that he is a big flirt.

The brand collaborations he has had are more B2B because of his business and not on a B2C. If he were to do a collaboration for B2C he would love to work with Audemars Piguest because those are his favorite watches. He believes his success is only his because of the greater power that looks over him. If he had one piece of advice to leave behind it would be to Trust God, as with man it might seem impossible but with God all things are possible.

If you want to get a hold of Chris Diaz you can find him on 

Social Media: @itschrisdiaz.