Miami’s Very Own Deanna Coriano | @DeeCoriano


Follow your passion and love your hardest.

In our interview with Deanna Coriano, she gives us an inside glimpse into how she went from life as a small-town girl in Virginia to living in the big city of Miami, Florida and what her big dreams are for the future.

Born in Virginia Beach, VA on November 5th, 1996,, Deanna Coriano (@deecoriano) has always been a Virginia girl at heart. Her primary focus on Instagram is in the fitness niche. 


Currently, Dee lives in Miami and tells us what she loves about it. “I love the endless opportunities and vibe here. Miami is one of a kind.” Although Miami is home for Dee, she mentions she wants to travel more and experience more cultures.


Dee comes from a small town in Virginia. Ever since she was a little girl she had big dreams. She made the decision to leave to Florida. One day she packed up everything she had and left to Miami to attend college and build up her professional network.

I’ve met some amazing people. I’m still trying to find myself but feel like I’m on the right track.

Dee is a big believer in taking care of yourself and giving the right attention to your physical and mental health. While in Miami she took some time for herself to get certified in yoga. After getting her certification she became an instructor. One day she hopes to open up her own yoga studio and host different destination teacher trainings. 


As if having success in Yoga and finding a passion of hers there isn’t enough, Dee has aspirations of starting her own traveling blog, incorporating her many experiences as well as inspiring others with life advice.

In the more distant future, she tells us she sees herself hosting yoga retreats around the world and becoming a successful author. Dee wants to write books that offer insight and guidance for others. Something else she has been considering down the road is creating her own marketing/PR agency.


Dee has many different interests and is excited about what she has ahead. Something many people don’t know about her is that her desire to help others is immense, and she wants to be involved in things that allow her to do that.

So far, Dee has had the opportunity to work with multiple brands and is most proud of her partnership with Plumeria swim and Twenty Sauce Swim. She tells us she would love to work with Tobi and Pretty Little Thing. 

The future is looking bright for this young influencer. If you want to follow what she is up to in Miami and more you can check out her Instagram here: @deecoriano.