Miami’s Very Own Top Photographer Alvaro Moser | @alvaromoser


Find out how this Miami-based photographer went from almost setting down his camera for good and working at Best Buy to working with famous brands like BoutineLA and Warner Brothers.

Alvaro Emilio Moser (@alvaromoser) has always been the type to not give up on what matters to him. Born on February 17th, 1993 in Caracas, Venezuela and traveling to Miami, Florida to pursue his passion in photography while barely scraping by some months just goes to prove what he would do for his dreams.

At the age of 15, Alvaro first fell in love with photography instantly when attending Vans Warped Tour with his friend. His friend was taking photos of all the brands and he asked her if he could use it, and he hasn’t set a camera down since.

Fast forward to Christmas at 16, Alvaro got his very own DSLR and started experimenting with different photo styles. When he turned 18 he got hired to take photos at a music event and discovered he could make money while doing what he loved and since then has been trying to stay on the path of freelance photography.

Currently, he is a resident of Miami, Florida, which he loves because of its diversity and many things to do. He likes that whether you’re a beer connoisseur looking for the perfect beer out of the many breweries across the city or a hype beast looking for the perfect shoes and shirt to add to your wardrobe; or even if you cant choose between city or beach, you can do both in the same day easily. 

Although he says what he dislikes is probably the lack of community across fields of professions, causing competition and unnecessary hate, he wishes it were more about people building together instead of people building against each other.

There have been times where Alvaro has broken down and thought about selling all of his camera equipment and just getting a job at Best Buy or someplace. Starting out as a freelance photographer in Miami is hard for anyone because you have to consistently find people willing to pay your rate.

When starting out he sometimes found himself having to spread out money as thin as possible. 

Every time I pick up my camera for work I get reminded of why I should never quit. Nothing makes me happier than snapping a great photo and going home and making it even greater.

In the years to come, Alvaro prefers to still be doing freelance photography and videography with a consistent income to be able to live comfortably.

He has currently worked some big-name brands. Some notable brands Alvaro has worked with are @Ripndip, @BoutineLA, @LONPARNY, & @wbpictures.

There are some brands that most photographers would love to work with such as Nike or Victoria’s Secret. 

Alvaro would be very happy to work with them, yet if he had a choice, he’d want to work with brands that are in his day to day life such as @pennyskateboards, @puffco, and even @Sony, since he loves his @playstation. Working with these brands would be much more fulfilling to him.

A piece of advice Alvaro would give his followers is

Never stop doing what makes you happy, even if you have to sideline it temporarily still try to keep it in your life.

To see more of Alvaro’s work you can follow him on Instagram @alvaromoser.

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