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Mike Xing Chen Thinks You Should Eat This Type of Food

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One of the best parts about experiencing a different culture is seeing what you’re missing out on by trying some new food you wouldn’t normally think to try.

That’s why for the longest time, I’ve enjoyed Chinese buffets. For very little money, you get access to all sorts of food that is quite different from what you would expect from western cuisine. Some people pig out on sweets. Other people pig out on chips. For me, my thing was Chinese buffets.

Chinese buffets were great for a few reasons: they’re really cheap, you get a lot of variety, and it’s different from what I would normally eat. Going up and getting plate after plate of things like beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, and Mu Shu pork made me happy even after I felt bloated.

Without a doubt though, egg rolls were my favorite thing to eat. I never really cared much for cabbage, but somehow I didn’t mind eating it when it was fried in different spices.

Not only that but when I ate at a Chinese buffet, I felt like I was taking part in Chinese. It was like I had a little slice of China in my neighborhood, and that felt nice. 

Then I saw Mike Xing Chen’s “10 Ways to Sport a Fake Chinese restaurant” video. 

A part of me died that day.

Chen discusses how he was looking for an egg sandwich in Korea that tastes as good as the ones in the 7-Eleven in Japan. This guy has traveled and ate all over the world, and the one thing he missed while in Korea is a Japanese 7-Eleven egg sandwich.

If he weren’t a man with a worldly palette, I would think he is out of his mind, but despite all the foreign food attractions around him, he misses something so simple, yet so delicious. It really makes him relatable to have experienced so much in the world of food, yet desire something so simple. 

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If it isn’t obvious already, watching Chen made me realize on what I have been missing out on. His love of food shines in each video and he really makes you feel like you are there with him in his adventures. Whether you’re a casual eater or a foodie with specific tastes, you can’t go wrong watching Mike Chen do what he does best: eat. 

Mike Xing Chen Believes You’re Missing Out on Good Chinese Food

Now, I know that there will always be people that will say “who cares if it’s authentic if it tastes good,” but for me, it really shattered the illusion that this is a part of Chinese culture, which is why I’m happy I happened to chance upon that video. Here is a Chinese guy that is really passionate about the best that Chinese food has to offer. 

There is a secret world of food out there that is invisible to most Americans and Chen does a great job of helping you spot what is not authentic so you know you’re not having the wool pulled over your eyes. 

He doesn’t contest that the Americanized Chinese food doesn’t taste good, but instead emphasizes the fact that the real thing tastes even better and that you should go out of your way to try it. 

Ever since that video, I never really looked at Americanized Chinese food the same way. I used to go to  Chinese buffets because I wanted a different cultural food experience, but now I just watch Mike Xing Chen videos to find out what I should be eating. 

You can really tell Chen is passionate about food. He’s been making YouTube videos about food for about six years now across multiple channels including “Strictly Dumpling,” “Eat With Mikey,” and “Mike Chen.”

Many of his videos have millions of views and he frequently flies around the world just to have a bite to eat. So he’s not just some casual YouTuber, but a foodie with a seasoned palette.

Despite his experiences with food, first-class flights, and travel, Chen comes across as humble and relatable. He has a great wealth of food knowledge without being snobby about it as well as a real knack for highlighting the best parts of a meal.  

Mike Xing Chen and New York Burgers

If you like burgers, Mike Xing Chen can help you find the best spots in many cities. He recently did a video on the best burgers in New York, and it does not disappoint.

Want a juicy burger that has a steak-like texture? Try Peter Luger’s (they even give you a huge fatty charred slab of bacon almost a foot long). Or maybe you want a double stack of wagyu beef with double cheese and kimchi paste that oozes cheese and has so much juice it brings a tear to your eye?

Then the Black Emperor is the place for you. Or maybe you like a juicy burger but hate how it gets soggy? Boilermaker gives you a nice piece of beef and cheese in pita bread. Chen does a fantastic job of highlighting the parts of the meal that make you hungry just watching them, but in a way that’s down to earth and casual.

Mike Xing Chen and Business Class

Another thing I like about Mike Xing Chen is that he talks about his experiences with business class flights. It’s always interesting to see what I’m missing out on and Chen really makes you feel like you’re there with him. You can see an example of this with his review of Japanese Airlines business class starting at 10:27

Having flown Japanese Airlines before, it’s clear to me that the food on the plane he had was so much better. The presentation of the food that he got put our food to shame.

The quality and selection was so much better, (which it should be given the price of the ticket). They even have a phone you can order food items from throughout the flight. It was fun watching him go through and randomly order items just to try them out. 

Mike Xing Chen and… Fast Food?

One thing that Mike Xing Chen has a habit of is highlighting is the American fast-food restaurants and convenience stores that he visits in other countries.

Until I watched his videos, I felt the idea of visiting places that you could visit at home is wasting an opportunity to try something new and different, which is one of the reasons you visit a foreign country in the first place. However, Chen has a way of convincing you that this is something worth trying. 

For example, in 5:45 of this video.