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In our exclusive interview with Luisa Pinheiro (@luisapiou) she tells us about her goals of starting her own clothing line, increasing her YouTube following, and the most rewarding thing about her experience as an influencer.

Luisa Gomes Pinheiro (@luisapiou) was born in a city in Brazil called Goiânia on November 28th, 1999. At the age of 16 she moved from Brazil to her current location in Tempe, AZ to finish high school.

Currently, she is a college student at ASU studying fashion and working on growing her online presence. She loves the college life in Arizona but says it tends to feel small. One day she wants to live in New York.

Being an influencer in the Fashion niche, she always had a thing for capturing and posting pictures on her Instagram. 

After starting college at the age of 17, a local boutique reached out to her to create content in exchange for free clothing. This gave her the realization that other boutiques could do the same, so she reached out to a bunch of them. 

Over time, Luisa started to grow her following and brands started to reach out to her. Some of her brand partnerships to date include Revolve and Princess Polly Queen, where she was chosen for having the best outfit and personality out of 10 other notable influencers.

Luisa tells Furlough she would love to collaborate with Dior one day, because she loves designer brands and purchases them herself.

Her path hasn’t been as smooth as it may seem to some people. When she first started, brands would repost her content and she would receive a lot of criticism in the comment section about her large eyebrows, hair, skin color and more.

I learned to ignore them and know that every feature of me is unique and special, and that, being different is good.

She took this negativity and turned it into a positive by sharing her struggles with her followers. As an influencer, Luisa says the most rewarding feeling in the world for her has been the large number of messages received of girls struggling with the same challenges who have been inspired and changed by her story.

Luisa is just getting started and showing no signs of slowing down. She would like her followers to know that they can do anything if they believe they can because thoughts have power.

I am not really intimidated by anything. I’ve grown to love myself and believe that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it, I pretty much have super powers, as my thoughts and beliefs always take me where I want to go.

To follow more of Luisa, check her out on Instagram here: @luisapiou

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