Near raises $100M for an AI that joints offline & online actions for building profiles of the customers

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In the current world of advertising and promotion, there are a lot of ways accessible that can help to know what’s customer is doing during a day. Furthermore, it does not matter whether you talk about offline activity or online activity. With the help of regulations regarding privacy and data protection, in recent years, this same objective has become even clear and the simple.  According to some news, it is believed that someone has hacked the code and raised the findings.

In the same case, you need to know about the cloud-based AI platform is known as all sparks that actually runs in more than 44 countries for creating location-based profiles of the consumers.  Because of the privacy by design method, has already raised 100 million dollars.

Following up, it is also said that near is not telling its valuation but the owners and CEO have made it clear that the company has been developing at the 100% rate year by year.  The company has been growing with news Corp, MetLife, Wework, and MasterCard.

In addition, there could be some opportunity for the company is to better track the information and data regarding the person who is using their products as well as services. Overall, this can become a very smart initiative to track the location-based information and data of the users.

The approach followed by near is not that much unique but this can work for the company.  The company is looking forward to including the mobile carrier, data service providers, application providers, Wi-Fi operators as well as retailers.

The CEO of the company has stated that this company will provide better details about human behavior by telling you where people are and will influence the behavior shortly. From here, you can keep your eyes on the same news for knowing the newest updates.

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