OnePlus TV to come with Dolby Vision


The Chinese company OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus TV will come with Dolby Vision. This revelation came after OnePlus announcement of its smart TV model with a 55-inch QLED panel. There were also reports that the OnePlus smart TV will come in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches. The Google Play Developer Console was also spotted with a OnePlus TV model with a MediaTek processor and the latest Android TV version.

OnePlus TV with Dolby Vision means that the customers will have the hardware to play HDR 4K video content. OnePlus also revealed that along with a 55-inch QLED panel, the display panel of the TV would have 4K resolution.

A twitter user highlighted that the OnePlus TV had been spotted on the Google Play Developer Console along with a MediaTek MT5670 SoC, paired with Mali G51 GPU. It was seen that the resolution spotted on the Developer Console is 1080p. It indicates that this will be limited to Android TV, meaning the TV will have 4K content playback support.

Sources revealed that the Developer Console shows the OnePlus device with the codename “Dosa.” It has also been told that this codename is of the Indian variant of OnePlus TV. Sources have mentioned that there is another version called Android 9 Pie, which is an indication of the latest Android TV experience out-of-the-box. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, in a conversation, stated that the smart TV would be positioned in the premium segment and it will compete against the likes of Samsung and Sony and not the Xiaomi’s Mi TV range, which is popular among the masses because of its affordability.

It has been informed that the first model of OnePlus TV will be launched in India next month and it will be sold through

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