Oyo Is Expected to Rebrand a Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas


Oyo is planning to partner with restaurant operator Highgate. The restaurant operator runs the partner hotel in Las Vegas, and they have a deal with the Indian hotel aggregator of $135 million. Oyo is going to rebrand hotels as well as a casino that will consist of 657 rooms. Along with that, a 35,000 square-feet casino and Highgate will manage the services.

The first deal that Oyo had with the United States was to set sights high. But now the founder of OYO Ritesh Agarwal told Reuters in an interview that they are focusing on large numbers of middle-class travelers now to offer them some affordable accommodation. “Our focus on the economy and mid-scale hotels will continue to remain, because, all said and done, that’s the largest population of the world,” Ritesh Reuters on Thursday over the phone from Gurugram, near New Delhi.

As they are planning to provide the middle-class public with more affordable accommodations, they are also looking to hire 4,000 mid-and-senior level employees to help them with domestic operations. The vacancy will be available for the next six months. He also said that tens of thousands of junior employees, including front office staff, are also needed for the hotels it franchises or leases out.

Agarwal found Oyo in 2013, and it was a budget hotel aggregator in India by then, and rapidly it expanded in China, Europe, and the United States markets. Oyo now has 23,000 properties across the world and values $10 billion. Oyo is there to cater to the increasing number of tourists, and they provide the general public with affordable rates and services. The founder also took out a loan recently to spend on the building technology and talent.

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