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📅 March 1st


Happy Monday! Furlough hit a new community home-run with a party-sized Furlorientation.

SEO team is making new moves as Onboarding is ready to go. ✅

You’re coming next Social Media team! Though they’re making waves with their Social Media March Calendar is set and strategy is underway. 👀
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📱 Social Media

Everything You Need to Know about Clubhouse, Including Whether it is Really Worth Begging for That Invitation!

Everything You Need to Know about Clubhouse

Everyone is talking about Clubhouse. 💬

Even Elon Musk tweeted about it!

But you have no invitation 😭 and too many social platforms to deal with already!

Question is, are you missing out on the business opportunity that Clubhouse could provide you with?

Clubhouse is currently in beta. Though, it is set to be the NEXT BIG PLATFORM. 

So yes, you must learn more about it! 👀

Here are the 3 most exciting things it can do for your business:

  • It gives you the ability to connect with a network of professionals from other industries
  • It’s the place to bring your community to and grow it
  • You can use it to curate content… provided you ask permission, of course!

Want to learn more? Check out this step-by-step guide to Clubhouse. 🏘️



Here’s 6 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

6 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Stop Believing

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase affiliate marketing? 🤔

The so-called guru saying “click my affiliate link”?

I get it, I’ve been there too. You’ve been taught time and time again that’ it’s a walk in the park. BUT it’s not!

Many new marketers get this impression because so-called gurus spread misinformation and promise shortcuts. 🙄

Without any nonsense, you’ll learn the truth of affiliate marketing by checking out this article by Outbrain – Busting the Affiliate Marketing Myths. 👀


📈 Remarketing

WARNING! 8 Common Email Marketing Mistakes That Keep Your Emails From Getting Opened & Boost Your UNSUBSCRIBE Rate

8 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Thinking of getting into email marketing? Might seem pretty straightforward at first glance, but it doesn’t take much to screw it all up. 😏

You heard it time and time again. Having a compelling newsletter is one of the best ways to deliver high ROI. Plus connect and keep your target audience.

Make sure you do this; use a welcome series! New subscribers are wanting whatever you’re offering immediately as they subscribe to your newsletter. 📬

You can benefit from having a welcome series, especially as they have the highest open rate of any email.

By not having one, you’re missing out on a 320% boost in your revenue. 🤑

By reading this blog post, you’ll learn how to implement a welcome series with finesse. Plus 7 more common mistakes you’ll want to be aware of in email marketing. ✅


💰 Paid Advertising

How to Avoid the “Google Ads Idiot Tax”

PPC is not easy; it is easy to burn through hundreds or thousands of dollars if you don’t know what you’re doing though. 😵

There are over 4 million advertisers on Google Ads; chances are they’ve got more experience than you, which means they’ll probably win against your ad every. single. time.

ALSO, Google doesn’t make it easy for beginners to set up and run profitable ads from the get-go. In fact, there are 10 common mistakes most beginners—and intermediate—advertisers make on the Google Ads platform. 😱

If you want to avoid wasting your hard earned dollars on Google Ads, read this article NOW. 👀


🤩 Spotlight

Announcing the Culture Enforcers That Got Your Back!

furlough members

A team of rockstar marketers from all over the world, with diverse digital marketing skills and life experiences. They’re providing outreach, knowledge, and fun to members of Furlough. 👽

You might be asking, “How can I be a Culture Enforcer?”

It’s pretty simple… 👀

Keep showing up.

These leaders were the same Freshmen who first stepped into Furlough all those months ago. They were as lost and overwhelmed as you were.

Out of curiosity, they’ve explored and engaged in every aspect of the community. Their small actions were showing up and listening. They started committing to projects and helping out members within Furlough.

That led them from Freshmen to VIP, and creating impact as Culture Enforcers. 😲

You get what you put in your career as a marketer. By investing your education as these leaders have…

You’ll be able to gain valuable experiences that helped them be the best Culture Enforcers they can be. 🚀

Learn more about them and where you can connect with each of them here.


🌟 Leadership

LOOK! 14 Essential Leadership Skills That Draws Influence in the Room

14 Essential Leadership Skills

“Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.”  John C. Maxwell

Anyone who wants to make a difference ends up making an impact with someone – somewhere. 🙌

Now, that’s what I call a leader.

It’s easier said than done. 😲

But the more you practice those skills in your day-to-day life, the more you’ll be able to feel & make a difference.

Become the stand-out leader you admire with the help of this article from Forbes: 14 Essential Leadership Skills. 🌟

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