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📅 [May 10th, 2021]


Vibe check from the Furlough Fam! May 10th is mothers day in Mexico.

Make sure to show your mama some love!
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📱 Social Media

TikTok To The Top

TikTok To The Top

TikTok is a rising star in the social media sky. Last month it held its ground as the #1 downloaded social media app. And it is anticipated to hit the 1 billion user mark sometime later on this year.


It is also the second most popular social media platform for influencers (Hint Hint.)

So, bearing this in mind, the Furlough Social Media team did a thing…

Introducing the Furlough Fam TikTok page! 

That’s right. The team is bringing the heat with no cool down in sight.

Check out some of the amazing videos already posted by following Furlough Fam on TikTok.


🔎Paid Advertising

Stand Out From the Crowd

It seems like there is a never-ending slew of advertisements shown to consumers in the digital space.

I don’t know about you but when I see most Ads out there I tend to swipe passed as though I’ve just rejected someone on Tinder.

Businesses spend thousands of dollars every year on these ads, and the ones that aren’t effective lose so much money for the company.
Learn 11 simple tips to creating an effective Ad 



Zoom Through Keyword Research

Zoom Through Keyword Research

Spending hours doing keyword research?

Not anymore.

Gone are the days of endless clicking away at your keyboard trying to come up with your gold-mine keyword list.


Instead, digital marketer whiz Neil Patel recommends breaking down your research into these 4 time-crunched sections to maximize your search time and get the results you need to rank.

  1. Create a starter list of keywords (5 minutes)
  2. Review keyword difficulty and search volume (10 minutes)
  3. Find competitors keywords (10 minutes)
  4. Finalize your list (5 minutes)

And there you have it. A schedule you can use daily to complete your keyword research in less time than it takes you to watch your favorite show on Netflix.
For more information on executing the schedule effectively and the tools Neil recommends to help get you faster results, check out his article How to Dominate Keyword Research in 30 Minutes a Day.


💰 Remarketing

Why You Should Monitor the Behavior of Your Audience

Why You Should Monitor The Behavior of Your Audience

Want quality leads and less abandoned carts? Then track behavior.
The innovation in the marketing space over the last few years has been amazing! We have so many more opportunities to convert audiences than we did when the more traditional methods of marketing were the norm.

If you don’t take advantage of these new opportunities then you are shooting yourself in the foot.
Boost your bottom line now with this customer retargeting strategy.



Welcome Platinum Member Myree

Welcome Platinum Member Myree

Furlough is welcoming its newest Premium Member to the Community – Myree

She is a therapist healer based out of Australia. Her coaching, therapy, and healing practice has been running for over 20 years promoting the practices of Kickass Kundalini.

She’s ready to expand her online presence through paid advertising starting by launching her first Facebook Ads campaign.

The Furlough Community is excited to have her on board to help provide insight, clarity, and feedback while launching this project.

To learn more about Myree and welcome her to the community check out the #myree channel in Discord.

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