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Google is all set to replace Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4. On July 1st 2023 Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits and previous data will be stored for up to 6 months after that.
Why the switch?

Google Analytics 4 has been created specifically for the current privacy-centric internet generation. The previous version relies on independent sessions and cookies to transmit data behind metrics whereas Analytics 4 operates across platform without storing IP addresses, cookies and other event-based data models.
What to do next:

While Google recommends you make the switch ASAP, a logical start starting point would be to make an audit of your current analytics setup.
Identify what solutions you require for your current setup and take the steps needed to make the switch.


  • Introducing our latest community member NFT graphic!
  • Reddit for research?
  • From debt to venture capitalist…
  • Strawberry Fields Forever.
  • Roundup.


If you haven’t heard of him, where have you been?

Business development specialist and entrepreneur, Gensen is passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential!

Fun facts:

  • Always available for a 15 minute chat.
  • Always delivers value upfront.

These traits have put him in some fantastic positions, including spearheading business development at Kings Of Neon.

We’re stoked to release this NFT graphic of Gensen. His energy and zest for life lights up every room!

Keep doing you Gensen!



This week in the Startup Booster session we met with Yapple from Olwi.

At an astonishing 7 months young, Olwi is still in prototype form but offers an impressive amount of functionality for its age! Olwi uses Reddit as a tool for marketing research. With the ability to refinine down better than Reddits own search functions, Olwi allows the user to search in posts and comments, research competitors in specific reddit communities, and track your brand health, all while providing a user-friendly experience.

Because Olwi is still in the prototype phase there are a variety of paths they can take moving forward. Let’s get into it!

From a business perspective:

  • There are a lack of use cases currently BUT that’s only because they are still in the prototype phase. There is a niche use case for specifically marketing research and for marketing agencies to use Olwi for research purposes. It was suggested to bring this product to marketing agencies to introduce Olwi to their clients.
  • Ultimately the tool needs a lot more feedback to iterate and improve to get to the point of being useful. It was suggested to engage with folks who have a marketing background to discuss their needs, while understanding the data you have available from Reddit, and then meeting in the middle to solve marketing problems with the information from Reddit.

From a marketing perspective:

  • Moving forward the marketing and business side of Olwi should be the focus. If the target audience is a marketing researcher then that needs to be better communicated and the pitch needs to be organized in a way that is meaningful to a marketing team.
  • The tool was developed without a thorough understanding of marketing and that is visible throughout the product BUT the product is really great for only 7 months old!

A variety of suggestions were made as to next steps and a way forward for Olwi in terms of functionality of the tool and what the tool could offer in the future.

A way forward:

  • Ability for Olwi to self-automate and set up a schedule to deliver certain results and queries on a regular basis and then format those results into a digestible excel report for the user and their clients.
  • Ability for Olwi to remember previous queries and auto-generate and suggest newer, refined queries that are related.
  • Ability for users to provide feedback on the Owli query results, and then using AI, Owli would provide suggestions to refine the query.
  • Ability for Owli to segregate the reporting aspect and run 10 reports for 10 different clients, so the user can pass the cost along to the marketing agency.
  • A way to measure the net promotive score on Reddit.

Try out Olwi at today and provide your feedback!



We had a blast at this weeks Rapid Remote Networking Session!

For those of you who don’t know these sessions are to facilitate new, thriving relationships within our community, so you can continue to reach your goals through collaboration.

We asked attendees the following questions in the session:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • What you are looking for.

Story Highlight:

  • Rai, a finance specialist, shared his story of going into debt then recovering and building his own wealth management portfolio within a year
  • He now owns and operates two companies
  • If you want to get started in finance Rai recommends the book: “The Theory of Money and Credit” by Ludwig Von Mises.

Stay tuned for the next Rapid Remote Speed Networking Session. We will be announcing the date over on our Discord.


How often do you buy fruits or vegetables at the supermarket?

Have you ever considered how those produce items we’re grown, shipped, and stocked in that specific store?

Just last week we got an inside look into one of California’s largest Strawberry nurseries during our Brand Audit session.

Cedar Point Nurseries
 is looking to expand its current B2B business into the D2C market.

As a brand trusted by several national produce vendors, they face a unique set of challenges by going digital that we addressed during this session.

A quick recap for those who missed it:

Site: Needs to be redone to handle the demand of digital consumers and meet the requirements of a full-fledged e-commerce store.

SEO: Build out content that’s relevant to their target audience and drive organic traffic

Google Ads: Implement a basic shopping strategy to lay the foundation for future scaling opportunities

Facebook Ads: Promote educational content & use retargeting efforts to target those unique visitors across social

Email Marketing: Has to set up all core automations to manage the backend customer journey & generate additional revenue + retain those customers.

“What I’ve realized is that I can’t get all of this done myself… The next steps are to really build a team that can scale this to where we’re looking to go.” – Farmer Dave (Co-Owner, Cedar Point Nursery)

Want to witness the power of growth through collaboration?

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If you’re a brand looking to get your 2022 action plan, then send a message to one of the community managers in the Furlough discord to join the waitlist (Spots are LIMITED).


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