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📅 [JAN 03, 2022]

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Happy New year!

We’re wishing you all the best for your goals, plans and resolutions as we enter 2022! Let’s smash it!

To celebrate such a fantastic year, we’ve rounded up Furlough’s best content of 2021.

In this week’s issue: 

  • How To Use Your Learning Style To Your Advantage With Furlough
  • Overcoming Things You Can’t Control: Who’s Been Killing It In Q4?
  • Top Blog Posts To Make You A Better Marketer
  • Meme Wars: If You Laugh You Lose
  • Last Week’s Best Bits

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How To Use Your Learning Style To Your Advantage With Furlough

Did you know that most people have a preferred learning style? 

They can be defined as:

  • Auditory learner – Learns best when listening to educational material.
  • Visual learner – Learns best when things are written down or presented within a visual format (pictures / diagrams)
  • Kinesthetic learner – Learns best in “hands on” settings where they can practice the practical skills needed to learn a subject.

If you are an Auditory or Visual learner (or even a combination) you’ll find our Masterminds extremely an extremely useful resource.

We’ve rounded up the best Masterminds of the year, so you can improve your marketing skills: 

FEATURE FRIDAY WITH JON BENNION: Anyone looking to kill it in the SEO game, this is for you! Jon has worked with Neil Patel and shares a wealth of useful knowledge in this session.

ECOMMERCE MASTERMIND: HOW TO BUILD A BASIC ECOMMERCE STORE: An extremely useful skill for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

FURLOUGH FIRESIDE: SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH WITH ERIC MEDRANO: A deeper look on social media with Instagram growth specialist and meme page network owner, Eric Medrano.

Feature Friday Session with Jon Bennion

👥 Community Highlights

Overcoming Things You Can’t Control: Who’s Been Killing It In Q4?

From new jobs to new babies, we’ve seen the community really make the most of last year, despite being in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s in our power to decide how we view obstacles and a lesson we’ve all learned is to focus on what you can control. 

Huge congratulations to:

  • Akos, who’s client reached $30K revenue in the month of October.
  • Victor from Allyance generated 20K impressions with zero dollars spend via cross promotion.
  • VAE Labs, who were featured on Dragons Den!

We even had some Furlough members meet up in real life which is a testament to how strong our community is! We’d love to see photos of anyone who gets together for a live meet up in the future so post your pics in the Wins Channel! 

Furlough members

Moving forward into the new year, if you haven’t joined us in the voice channel yet we’d highly recommend it! Don’t be shy! We’re a friendly bunch, always willing to help you out.



Top Blog Posts To Make You A Better Marketer

Our Academy section on Furlough.com has a tonne of great articles, written and curated by professionals in the community.

6 LIFE CYCLE STAGES OF A STARTUP: Interested in venturing into the Startup space? We simplify each stage so you can maximise success and avoid pitfalls.

HOW TO INCREASE CONVERSIONS IN EMAIL MARKETING USING CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING: Use this strategy full of real life examples, to increase sales and retention. No more decision making in the dark!

3 REASONS WHY YOUR FACEBOOK AD COPY SUCKS: A Furlough Weekly throwback that covers Facebook Ads, SMS reputation management and SEO tips from one of the worlds savviest marketers!


Meme wars: If You Laugh You Lose

furlough community emojis

Discord, it’s the community hub and a great place to collaborate!

Over this year we’ve really utilised the voice channels and sub communities to grow together professionally. However, there’s always room for a good meme! Here are our top picks from our Discord:

Aren’t these gold? If you ever need a pick me up, head to the memes channel for some lighthearted laughs.

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