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📅 [SEPT 13, 2021]


Happy Monday! You know the saying there’s a market for everything? Well just wait until you hear about this next expansion in the NFT space. We accepted that pixelated JPEGS are going for millions of Dollars, but creators are are pushing the boundaries yet again. Buyers are spending the equivalent of a property investment on text. Yes, white text on a black background…

Loot, the new hottest project in the NFT space was launched with this Tweet by Don Hoffmann, the creator of Vine. Check out the Tweet here. 

Tell us, do you think Loot is a good investment? Comment in the #general channel with the hashtag #furloughweekly.

In this week’s issue:

  • A Sneak Peek Into Your Future At Furlough

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A Sneak Peek Into Your Future At Furlough

A Sneak Peek Into Your Future At Furlough

Things are about to get a bit different from here on out…
and we wanted to share a preview with you, our inner circle!

The Furlough Brand: Our philosophy at Furlough is to build a community like-minded individuals to empower each other to reach our goals. We are so happy that the community is continuing to grow, especially lately (Thanks Sajad!). Not only has our community grown but the projects and vision of Furlough has grown and developed too, with the help of community members like Ophir and Tom!

With this continuing growth, we are developing the branding to better reflect the vision of Furlough. Although we operate digitally, the core of our brand is that we are human centric. Our community is the glue that holds Furlough together, so we want our brand to convey that!

With this in mind, we will be launching our new website and “look” very soon! We can’t wait to share this with you!

But that’s not even half of what’s in store for everyone at Furlough!

Part of what makes Furlough different from other marketing education institutions and communities is that we want you to benefit from being a part of Furlough long-term.

We know that many of you have hugely benefited from the mentorship aspect of the community. We have seen many of you go from having no experience, to landing multiple clients! Right now we are working behind the scenes to develop the educational aspects of Furlough so you can get the most out of this platform.

We have seen time and time again that young people are funneled into universities, taught outdated information and then left to fend for themselves when it comes to finding employment. To us, it feels like universities are only interested in course enrollments, rather than the the value of ongoing education and support in the bigger picture areas.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

Alongside this, we will be paving the way for more members to go from ground floor to scoring multiple paid clients. We can’t let you in on anymore details yet but trust us, you are going to love it!

🤳 Round-Up

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Four investment bankers need to cross a bridge at night to get to a meeting.
They have only one flashlight and 17 minutes to get there.
The bridge must be crossed with the flashlight and only two bankers at a time.
The Analyst can cross in one minute, the Associate can cross in two minutes, the VP can cross in in five minutes and the MD takes 10 minutes to cross.

How can they all make it to the meeting in time?

 See the answer here.

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  • CLIENTS: Read this if you want to build long lasting client relationships!
  • ECOMMERCE: Amazon innovates yet again with this face-to-face sales experience tool.

Watch out for more news and exciting opportunities coming very soon!

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