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📅 [May 3rd, 2021]


In today’s issue:

  • Imagination is the beginning of creation.
  • Overcoming disabled Facebook Ad accounts.
  • Build your Online Reputation.
  • Love the vibe from the tribe.
  • Black Ops Furlough.

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📱 Social Media

Imagination is the beginning of creation

Imagination is the beginning of creation

It is important to have allocated time to brainstorm content ideas in batches for social media. This will allow the imagination to flow, and for ideas to come to fruition.

Being as productive as possible and managing your time efficiently is crucial. This is why our social media team splits into separate groups during collaborative sessions. In this week’s group collaboration, group 1 created content ideas while group 2 worked on graphic design.

The outcome: A productive team that gets it done!

Think about how you can make your social media sessions more efficient! Start with a clear start and stop goal and give yourself a time frame to fully focus.

🔎Paid Advertising

Overcoming Disabled FB Ad Accounts

Overcoming Disabled FB Ad Accounts

How annoying is it to be running your FB ad campaign only to have your ad account disabled?

Not only is it just a total bummer, but when working with clients it can set you off course for meeting KPIs.

In the Reciprocity5 Meeting this week we hammered out the kinks that come with disabled ad accounts so you can continue cranking out great content.

Here are some highlights you can start applying today:

  • Run ads from a business page NOT a personal account
  • Create shell accounts under a different business manager. This way you have more than one working space if your account is disabled
  • Use less emojis in your ads
  • If your account gets disabled, reach out to FB support and inform them there has been a mistake. And be persistent!



Build Your Online Reputation

Build Your Online Reputation

Are you looking to build your portfolio, online presence and build your credibility?

Become a writer at Furlough! You will be able to showcase your work on Furlough and control your profile information for potential clients to view.

You’ll also be able to reach out to brands and businesses on behalf of Furlough!

What does that mean? You have the chance to start conversations with the credibility of Furlough and all its assets to support you. Who knows you might even be able to experience a Press dinner!

Being a writer Furlough gives you an outlet to be able to offer press releases for people and businesses to the ability to create additional content that can be shared on social media or indexed on the search engines.


💰 Remarketing

Love the Vibe from the Tribe

Love the Vibe from the Tribe

While working on growing our Furlough Community through FB ads and nurturing through automated Welcome Series. The newsletter team considered it would be great to spotlight our awesome community members and let the world hear what they think about FurloughWeekly.


Here’s what you all had to say:

  • “The knowledge shared in the newsletter adds to my conviction when selling myself, ultimately resulting in closing more deals.” – John C.  Miami
  • “FurloughWeekly makes my life a little bit easier, especially in the morning. I don’t need to go anywhere on Google to find what the [marketing] news is today.” – Zander P. -Philadelphia
  • “Reading FurloughWeekly feels good, and I feel like my efforts contribute to the content that I am reading. It’s like I am a part of the story being told.” – Kingsley O. – New York
  • “The FurloughWeekly newsletter is one of the best full stack marketing resources available.”

We love the vibe!
Want to tell us what you love about the newsletter? Let us know in the #email-marketing channel in Discord. 

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