Furlough Weekly Christmas Special


📅 [DEC 20, 2021]

Furlough Weekly Newsletter Growth Through Collaboration

We’ve seen Furlough and the community take immense strides this year. 

Looking back, our community has come such a long way since January 2021. We’ve seen members improve their marketing skills, get clients and make major career moves across the board. As for Furlough we’ve connected with some amazing brands, brought professionals and experts together and started some killer sub projects which are due to be launched in 2022!

Furlough’s mission is to be the most collaborative global community out there. We are all about fostering mutually beneficial partnerships where we can thrive as one. We’re so proud to have founded a space where like minded individuals can come together and make strides towards their goals, no matter their starting point or background.

Here’s the thing, we’re just getting started! We’re in it for the long haul and want to be able to look back year on year, seeing the progress we make together.

So with that, thank you for making your presence known here and getting involved! You are what makes the Furlough community great.

We wish you a magical Christmas and a fantastic new year, full of growth!

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🤳 Round-Up

Furlough Weekly newsletter Christmas Roundup

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community:

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Have a fantastic Christmas!

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