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📅 [April 26th, 2021]


In today’s issue:

  • Putting Sprints and Social Media Hacks Into Action!
  • Look Ahead…With Facebook Ads!
  • SEO Full Steam Ahead!
  • Shiny
  • Social Media Creative Collaborations

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📱 Social Media

Putting Sprints and Hacks Into Action!

Putting Sprints and Hacks Into Action!

Here is our producing batch content  top tips to schedule on Twitter. I don’t know about you, but don’t you find it really annoying when you are about to schedule some killer content and then…

BOOM! You run out of characters!

Now you have to edit down a bunch of content and rework the entire post message. Trust me I know the pain!

Here’s how to avoid this blunder:


This website counts each character in your caption and lets you know if you have reached the limit.


🔎Paid Advertising

Looking Ahead…with Facebook Ads!

There is always opportunity for expansion! With that in mind, Furlough is looking ahead and making plans to increase the size of the community.  How?

Through Facebook Ads! 4 new ad campaigns will be launching in the coming weeks with the goal of bringing in more amazing influencers to the Furlough community.


These campaigns will be built off of 4 keys areas of the member experience:

  1. Daily Mastermind Sessions
  2. FurloughWeekly Newsletter
  3. Fullstack Workshops
  4. Internship Experience

Never built a FB ad before?  Here are the basic steps to setting one up:

  • Select a Campaign – This is where your ad starts. At this level you will determine the end goal of your ad (Ex: Do you want increased likes on a page or lead generation?)
  • Build Your Adset – The adset tells your ad how to run. Here you will set your audience and define it. (Ex: You want to target moms with toddlers that like to run? Okay, that’s your audience.)
  • Create The Ad – At this level you’ll add what you want your audience to see.(Ex: Pic of a mom running with your product – an all terrain stroller – and your headline copy – Tough Mother  “Run where you want to”)

For a deep dive into Facebook Ads and an update on Furlough’s new ad campaigns stop by the Reciprocity5 Meeting this week on Tuesday at 4 pm in Discord.



Full Steam Ahead!

Full Steam Ahead!

Furough’s SEO team is running full steam ahead since adopting the sprints up by operations last week. There are 10 Fullstack Audits and multiple Influencer Articles written, reviewed, and ready to go live on Furlough’s site (if you haven’t checked it out yet, here is the link → furlough.com).

In keeping with the spirit of progress, members of the SEO team will also be able to take advantage of a brand new feature – Contributor Pages. Team members will now have their own dedicated profiles on the Furlough website to showcase their hard work and stellar contributions.


It feature includes some key points such as:

  • Contributor Role
  • Top Industry Covered
  • Latest Articles Posted


Core members of the team will now be able to leverage their experience here by simply copy and pasting a link. This is a great way to let employers know about your writing experience, and build authority with prospective clients.

If you would like to join the SEO team and get started on contributing articles yourself, send a message to Joe or one of the Community Managers to start the on-boarding process.


💰 Masterminds

Shiny! We were dropping serious Gems in our daily masterminds over on Twitch this week.

Furlough is dropping serious Gems in our daily masterminds over on Twitch

Here’s what you missed:

  • Guerilla Marketing Tactics
  • Full Stack Audits
  • Influencer Marketing On Reddit

For more details watch the replays here: https://www.twitch.tv/FurloughTV



Social Media Creative Collaborations

Social Media Creative Collaborations

You won’t want to miss this Collaborative session!

As most of you know we have recently deployed our two week team sprints and the results from our first week of testing could not have gone better!

Our Social media team cranked out the necessary content for us to take care of in the sprints so for the second week of our sprint we’re going to be having a collaborative session creating HIGH QUALITY content!

This session will be a very creative, experimental and collaborative session so you won’t want to miss out on this one on Wednesday at 2pm EST.

This session is now recorded on FurloughTV so if you’re not able to make it the replay is available for two weeks! Hope to see you there.

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