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📅 [April 12th, 2021]


We are so excited to for Quarter 2 to start! We have some awesome opportunities and new existing announcements. Big things are happening this coming week! We at Furlough are growing stronger as a community and as a family. Join us on Discord and feel the love.

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📱 Social Media

Facebook Advertising for Furlough officially Launched!

Facebook Advertising for Furlough officially Launched

With this week’s start, we officially launch our Facebook advertising campaigns towards growing the community for the first time since we’ve started. By doing this we are focusing on one vs all platforms for a more efficient strategy. This is why we are kicking it in gear and starting to create more engagement and outreach to the world.

Social media is fake and we started out with the goal to show the transparency. We began studying influencers and we realized most of them don’t know what they are doing. Some are successful but most are figuring it out as they go. There’s room improvement. It’s about making the most out of the opportunity together at Furlough. Consistency is key!

But none of it gets done without action. Education without action is entertainment. What is it you’re looking to achieve? Come by the week’s mastermind kick off today at 12pm EST to let us know!



We are problem solvers, one mind multiple resources

We act as one mind to solve a problem. If you have a blocker or hiccup with yourself, your venture or your company share it with us and we will use our resources to help you, Joe being one of them.

As full stack marketers we are doing comprehensive full stack audits of any brand that has a web and(or) social media presence. We have made a way to give people in the community an opportunity to learn SEO, provide value to brands, potentially generate a lead, practice auditing brands, understanding full stack marketing better, and give someone who might not have the knowledge that we do some useful advice.

This new strategy is ready to take off but we are in need of a few leaders to pave the way. With the resources of this community and Joe this will be a very rich learning experience! Let us know if you have what it takes to lead a team and master SEO!


📈 Remarketing

If you’re hitting blockers or obstacles, keep going!

If you're hitting blockers or obstacles, keep going!

Keeping things simple seems to always be one of the best strategy. Although, when you put in the work it turns out that you’ll run into some issues along the way. These are known as blockers and we actively encourage our community to speak about their blockers so we can all learn and overcome them together.

A recent blocker experienced by the Xennial team was that they discovered that Mailchimps WordPress integrations are built primarily for “new subscribers” meaning it will not update existing contacts. This isn’t a dead end, depending on what you need, there’s a solution. To update existing contacts you could use a developer, a 3rd party integration app like Integrately or use Mailchimps own Landing page builder for a direct. Each have their own pros and cons, choose wisely.

This blocker was experienced when Joe was working on testing for Furlough and integrately prompted the answer right in his email on how to resolve. This is why you should always tell people about the issues you’re running into!


💰 Social Media Data

Facebook Ads X Social Media X Google Data Studio

Facebook Ads X Social Media X Google Data Studio

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
With the official launch of our Facebook Ad campaigns to our workshop as well as our social media team readily posting it’s time to start looking at the data to make adjustments.

We use Google Data Studio to pull the data from our social media channels, Google Analytics and even Facebook Business Manager to keep an extra eye on the ads.

With Reciprocity5 crossing $10,000 sales and the official partnership with Furlough where she will be outsourcing her fulfillment to the community we now need to watch the data more than ever!

This is a simple way to get different data points on one single dashboard so we don’t need to jump around different sites or platforms to just get numbers when we can look at everything with ease.

If you want to learn more about Google Data Studio every one of our teams will be using it so come by a Mastermind session and ask us about it!

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