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Have you looked at your Spotify wrapped playlist yet? 

This is a fantastic example of how companies can collect customer data and use it in a way that is not invasive or creepy. Do you see users complaining that Spotify have collected and used this data?

Of course not,

Because the data is being used to actually benefit and entertain the users. 

There’s definitely a valuable lesson there!

In this week’s issue: 

  • Your Questions, Answered
  • How To Send Cold Emails That Convert
  • Events You Should Know About
  • This Weeks Best Bits

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🙌 Community

Your Questions, Answered. 

Your Questions, Answered.

Ask and you shall receive. 

We like to answer all of your burning questions no matter how simple or advanced they may seem. This is the power of the Furlough community.

We had a brilliant one this week which you’re bound to find useful!

Fantasia asked: “Our amazon team is trying to win “lost buy box” solely by increasing discounts on products. What other ways have shown to be successful in winning the lost buy box?”

If you don’t already know, the “buy box” refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers can add items to their cart.

If your brand loses the buy box it means that another seller has a better offer. This is determined by Amazon’s algorithm. Losing the buy box means leaving money on the table. This valuable piece of real-estate can only be won by businesses with excellent seller metrics due to Amazon’s customer focused systems.

So what strategies can you use to win the box?

1. Become customer obsessed

  • Respond to questions and comments quickly
  • Keep your inventory up to date
  • Reduce the amount of shipping errors

2. Consider your competitors

  • Is someone undercutting your price? Affordability is a big part of Amazon’s appeal.
  • How profitable are you?  Amazon puts unprofitable items on the CRaP list which could mean that they are not ordering any units in the future. Your item might be on that list due to its size, weight, margin or order quantity.

3. Work out supply chain issues

  • Fix missed deadlines from manufacturers
  • Are your supply chain managers communicating effectively?
  • Audit your transport companies and make sure they are reliable

This is only a small version of the overall strategy you can use to win back the buy box.
To join the conversation and expand your knowledge on this topic, head over to this thread

💌 Email Marketing

Outreach: How To Send Emails That Convert

Outreach: How To Send Emails That Convert
Shout out to Ophir from the last Startup Booster session 
For bringing value to the table for anyone of there looking for getting clients through cold email marketing.
Although, today, not many business owners, entrepreneurs open cold emails from an anonymous email, compared to 5-6 years ago.
The simple reason is people don’t like to be sold by someone who they don’t know, on the other side of the world.
So, what is the angle you can take to stand out from the rest of the majority?
Good question, right?
When sending out your first-ever outreach, always consider having a clear purpose for your email of what you wanted to establish within your outreach.
“The reality is no one gives a S*** about who you are “- Joe.
It’s heartbreaking for you and me to hear about that.
Keep in mind, before you can reach out to anyone, always position yourself as someone coming from a place of help and value.
By simply identifying some of the problems that their business may have and providing a solution to these problems you are putting yourself in a better position than most who send out cold emails.
That is how you build a relationship with someone and gain trust over time.
This process can take a lot of time to build a relationship with somebody and establish trust along the way. Once you pull this off, you will see the number in your bank account going up!

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Event’s You Should Know About

Event's You Should Know About



🕒 Monday 10.30am EST


Become more aware of what’s going on so you can take as many opportunities to get the most out of Furlough and the community resources we have in place.

This meeting is for anyone who is serious about getting involved with the Furlough Core Team.

With so many new projects, experts and strategies in the pipeline we need to discuss how we’re going to close out the year for maximum gains. We look forward to seeing you there are taking our team to the moon!



🕒 Friday 1.45pm EST

📍 Furloughtv 


In this jam packed session we will be interviewing CEO of Jon Bennion.

Jon is a serious player in the SEO game and has even helped Neil Patel with his own agency. This session will be very influenced by our audience so make sure you have your burning questions ready for us!

Make sure to RSVP by clicking “interested” on the event in Discord. 

🤳 Round-Up

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community:

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