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Jan. Wk 3, 2021

Grow, scale, automate & be free…

2021 Goals & Beyond

Your Future Life

What are you working towards?

Welcome back my friend 🙂Hope you’ve been productive in chasing your dreams for the year! Remember, 2021 is the year for growth… but where are you focusing your growing efforts?

What’s the end result you’re working towards? And WHY? If you’re not sure, you’ll want to figure that out fast!

Because once you know where you’re going, you’ll know what you need to get there right?

  • Which skills you need
  • What knowledge to gain
  • Who you’ll need to connect with
  • Etc…

Take Victoria for example—when she joined the community she didn’t know ANYTHING about digital marketing.

But she knew she didn’t want to work for anyone but herself anymore; 6 months later, she’s got an agency that’s ready to scale! 🚀

Will you be the next Victoria? Working towards your dream & getting there in record time?

If you’re saying, “YES” then let’s go! Because as mentioned last week, we’ve got your back!

Now figure out your goals and ideal lifestyle, and leverage us to get there! And if you’re still lost, leverage us to help figure it out!

See you in Discord!

More Bangers!

What Happened?

Here’s what you missed…

Last week was filled with bangers, as usual! If you weren’t there live—don’t worry, we’ve got your replays right here for you 😉Here’s what happened last week:
Monday – Do You Need a Website to Start a Personal Brand? 🤔 💭❓
Kickstart your personal brand with some no-nonsense branding tips + catch a glimpse into how easy it can be to optimize your Google Ad copy!Tuesday – Crypto + Blockchain + Furlough = ? 🧩 🚀 🤑 
Watch how you can grab your share of equity in Furlough + how to think like a thought leader and stay ahead of the curve!Wednesday – The Truth About “Hands-off” Service Agencies 🔥 🎯 🧠
Learn the no BS strategy behind starting, growing, scaling and automating a service based agency + a quick insider tactic to get a surge of sales with your ecomm store!

Thursday – Lessons in Creating a Nomadic Lifestyle 🚌 ✈️ 🌎
Genuine lessons on how to become a digital nomad with relative ease + why you can’t trust guru course sellers!

Friday – B2B Lead Gen, Sales & Business Insights With Mike Sadick 🧔🏼 📈 💰
Learn why discipline is a must in life, get the unbelievably straightforward strategy to profiting with LinkedIn, authentic advice for ambitious entrepreneurs, and MORE!

Just a reminder, these replays EXPIRE 3 weeks after being recorded! So don’t wait! Get caught up now before they’re gone forever!

P.S. If you’re not able to show up live to get your questions answered, you can post your questions in the #twitch channel on Discord to get them answered on stream!

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We’ve Been Busy!

Community News

Project updates & progress…

Maybe you can’t make it to the Twitch sessions… but you can still hop into Discord and connect with us there!As mentioned last week, we’ve got a lot of projects on the go and even more in the pipeline!

Here’s the latest updates:

  • Within Furlough, cross-department alignment is underway…
  • Xennial Traveler’s webinar funnel is launching at the end of the week!
  • Alcohol wet wipes has a new 3D render + website is being optimized
  • Marketing in the music industry still has big things in the works behind the scenes!

The community is growing larger each day—new members hungry to gain experience with real world projects like these… What does that mean?

Opportunities get filled fast!

If you don’t want to get left behind or miss out on gaining hands on experience…

Head to the #opportunities section in Discord, find an opportunity you want to join and message a community manager to let them know!

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From A Group of Rockstars…

Member Spotlight

Rick Johnston

Rick comes from a small city in Saskatchewan—the hometown of BIGFOOT! Rumour has it, there wasn’t enough space for two legends so Rick now lives in Vancouver, BC.He has a history of working labour jobs, but none of these were “labors of love.” For many years, he’s been drawn to the digital marketing space.

He joined the Furlough community in early December 2020 through Joe on Acadium. Familiar huh? Since joining, he has been active every single day—jumping on different projects adding value where he can.

Prior to joining Furlough, he had done some freelancing here and there—building out funnels, from ads to email automation and offer creation.

“When I first learned about the digital marketing world, I went a little nuts and learned many skills in the industry. Great for general knowledge… though left me frozen on where to specialize in.”

He’s even studied graphic design, where he learned valuable design skills. Have you seen the :Joe: frog emoji in Discord? Yeah, that was him!

Rick finally found his place in the Newsletter Team, where he gets the best of both his passions—copywriting and design.

Since joining, he has been refining his copywriting skills and leading the newsletter team. 

We asked Rick what his experience level is now, this is what he had to say:

“Most of the experience I’ve been getting here is related to leadership; hosting meetings, coordinating a team, delegating teamwork, setting up systems and processes to expedite time-intensive tasks and managing my time better.”

As for Ricks experience within the community:

“I Love the Furlough community. Out of every Digital Marketing group I’ve been a part of, this community has led to the most growth, both personally and professionally…

I wouldn’t trade this community for anything! The relationships formed, the skills gained, and the accountability of being vocal about your goals is unparalleled.”

This year Rick’s excited to get rolling with the email marketing projects in the pipeline and focusing on his goal of starting, scaling and automating—as much as possible—an email marketing agency.


“I’ll tell you the same thing Joe told us on a Twitch stream, ‘In order to be great; you gotta be good; in order to be good, you gotta be bad; in order to be bad, you have to start.’”

Want to connect with Rick?

Working Too Hard?

This Week’s Tip

Achieving work-life balance…

If you’re like most ambitious people, you have a tendency to overwork to achieve your goals—and at some point, you spend more time on your workload giving you less time at home.Chores get ignored, family gets neglected, and later we feel stressed because we couldn’t manage our time effectively. Want to avoid this?

Here are some quick tips on how to get better work-life balance:

  • START WITH A MINDSET – Take this as a challenge; remember that you’re the captain of your ship! Hit the reset button.
  • SET BOUNDARIES – How many hours are you working? Are those hours you could spend on other activities? Try prioritizing your tasks and only work within your set hours.
  • QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR LOVED ONES – It could be a movie after dinner, some board games, gardening, or something else you could work on together.
  • SPEND TIME ON YOUR HOBBY – Be it something you used to do in the past, or something entirely new—spend time on it. It helps in de-stressing and lets you develop expertise on that craft.
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR PEERS – Be surrounded by people that radiate positive vibes. They are usually the ones that inspire you even more.

With work-life balance, you’ll be able to 11x your productivity just by giving yourself permission to rest.

Similar to exercise, your mind needs to recover before it can get into action. If you want to stay in the digital marketing game for the long run, learn to respect your boundaries NOW.

Start using these tips today to level up your entrepreneurial pursuits while having a relaxing + fun time in the long run!

Learning: One of Life’s Constants

Book of the Month


Missed last week’s tip of the week and still don’t have a copy of this book?

If so, you’re missing out on a treasure that can 11x your profits. Drew Eric Whitman’s Cashvertising has the best compilation of secrets held by ad agencies, copywriters, and designers.

All the tips, tricks and strategies you’ll find inside are based on human psychology—meaning they work no matter where you live or what you sell. And most of them are free to use!

Like Ad-Agency Secret #7: 360 Degrees of Attention-Getting Power 

Imagine being at a dog park where dozens of dogs are being playful with each other. Out of all the dogs, there’s a purple one that gets all the attention with its beautiful fur and enthusiastic smile. Being different attracts attention—this applies in marketing too!

You don’t want your advertising to look the same as everyone else’s, instead you want to stand out. Oftentimes marketers miss the mark and the true meaning of being an outlier.

Here’s an applicable example to stand out from your competitors.

You’re fresh off the boat as a freelance copywriter aiming to get your first client. You and 11 others copywriters are on stage competing for business owners as potential clients.

A realtor has everyone raise their hand on those who can write copy, and you are among them. Then she asked you all to keep your hand raised if you have knowledge on her niche—you’re the only one who kept your hand up.

“Enough said, I want to work with you!”

Making sense? 

Your copy is getting mediocre attention and missing out on the 11x profits. Lean towards the discomfort and be the rebellious marketer whose ad is the eye of the prize to your prospect. You’ll be the model for many ads to come. 😉

Want more? Be sure to come back to this section next week, as where we’ll reveal Ad-Agency Secret #4 where you’ll learn a simple trick to crank up the scarcity in your ad.

Can’t wait till next week? Grab a copy of Cashvertising today and skip to page 97 to find out early!

Get Cashvertising Now

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