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Jan. Wk 4 (Jan. 25)

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Right when you thought…

It’s Just Getting Started

The reality is, it’s far from over… 🛸

The end of January is upon us!There’s a new president in the United States, COVID vaccination is underway… and the Director of National Intelligence is being required to disclose the truth about UFOs?

No joke! Aside from the UFO stuff, it seems like things are “getting back to normal.” Or maybe not…

A survey from the Gartner Consumer Community is predicting things won’t “be back to normal” until autumn 2021 or later.

Things may change when it comes to the pandemic, but consumer behaviour? That’s another story…

The survey revealed 3 trends for marketing leaders to pay attention to:

  • Consumers will shift from public to private ways of living
  • Wealth gaps may lead to adjustments in consumer spending
  • Equality tops list of consumer values

Here are the key takeaways:

  • “Now is the time for marketers to lean into the aspects of their brand values that support consumers’ self-protective instincts.”
  • “Be prepared to pick a lane, because it will be increasingly difficult to connect with the affluent and everyone else with a single message or a single brand.”
  • “Marketers need to review both short- and long-term brand and communications strategies and realign themes to leverage consumers’ increased focus on social justice and civic engagement.”

It can feel a little overwhelming sometimes huh? Trying to stay ahead of the curve…

If you feel like you’re always “playing catchup,” check the Twitch recap section from LAST week—you might find a replay that’ll help. 😉

As for this week’s news—enjoy!

Break the Emoji Wall!

What Happened?

Here’s what you missed…

If you haven’t seen last week’s Twitch sessions, you missed out on a ton of value and fun!But don’t worry—as always, we’ve got you covered with the replays here:

Monday – MONDAY FURLOUGH KICK OFF – Happy MLK Day! 🤑 🖥️ 🙌
Ever wonder, “What’s the best pricing for my copywriting or web design services?” Find the answer in this replay + how to avoid a $25,000 mistake when building an app.

Tuesday – Our song got muted for Copyright infringement 😭 🎙️ 📝
Discover how to get into podcasting with some simple tips & tricks + how to boost your social media brand with already-made content!

Wednesday – Marketing Insights and Lessons with Furlough 🎯 📈 💪
Save time by automating busy work with this new automation tool + watch how to optimize your Google Drive for better organization of important data.

Thursday – Find your Niche! THREE THINGS 💯 🚀 😉
What are the 3 main things you need in a niche + learn a few tricks to master business with easy to implement strategies from The 48 Laws of Power.

Friday – Feature Friday in our Discord! 😊 🔥 🏆
Have you been disrespected at your job or internship? Learn how to navigate those uncomfortable situations from some of the Furlough members in their fireside discussions!

Make sure you watch and learn from these replays while they’re still available! You have 3 weeks to catch up on the Furlough goodness…

And put a reminder on your calendar to join us on our Daily Twitch Live Stream at 12pm EST! Come learn how to get involved and refine your digital marketing skills!

P.S. If you’re not able to show up live to get your questions answered, you can post your questions in the #twitch channel on Discord to get them answered on stream!

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We’ve Been Busy!

Community News

Project updates & progress…

Guess what.? We’ve still got a lot of projects on the go and opportunities to get involved!Here’s some of the high-flying projects in the works right now:

  • Within Furlough, we’re aligning our teams across departments
  • Xennial Traveler is creating an evergreen webinar
  • Alcohol wet wipes set up call ads and optimized their Google ads
  • Calibrated is still on hold while we do a migration from servers

Hopping onto one of these projects is a great way to gain experience and build your portfolio so you can work your way into a digital marketing career!

Browse through the #💸opportunities section in Discord to learn more about the projects you can get involved with!

Want to help with a project?First step is to come to 1 of 2 “FurLorientations” each week on Tuesday at 8am EST or Thursday 7pm EST!

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From A Group of Rockstars…

Member Spotlight

Argentina Oliva aka “Birdy”

This week our member spotlight is on Argentina Oliva, you may know her as “Birdy.” She comes from a town in the Philippines named Bacolod City.She joined Furlough on Discord in early December 2020 through the Acadium platform.

Before joining, she worked in different call centers for roughly a decade!

In April 2019 she decided to freelance so she could be home with her two “Wicked Kids.”

Today, she has two main jobs:

  1. PowerPoint Presentation designer for an ecomm company
  2. And HARO response writer (Help a Reporter Out)

When she joined Furlough, she rated her digital marketing experience as 5 out of 10. Within less than two months she has changed that 5 to a whopping 7!

Birdy is known for assisting our members with her graphic design abilities and contributing to the email newsletter—in fact, she’s so active and helpful that she was recently promoted to VIP in Discord!

When asked about her experience within the community, this is what she had to say:

“It’s been great! I am online every day and waiting for any member to post so I have something to read or react to. I feel like this song captures how I feel perfectly: ‘I wanna heal,  I wanna feel like I am close to something real. I wanna find something I have wanted all along. Somewhere I belong.’”

She described our community as a “hidden virtual paradise for digital marketers”—based on the fact that there’s something for everyone! It’s a diverse community regardless if you’re a newbie or an expert. There’s no competition—it’s all about collaboration and growing together.

She recommends Furlough to anybody interested in digital marketing, regardless of their experience.

Birdy’s current top 3 goals are:

  1. Learn to code HTML / CSS
  2. Improve her graphic design skill set
  3. Improve on web development & web design

“My advice for any newcomers would be: ‘Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never stop growing.’ Quoted by Anthony J. D’Angelo.”

Connect or collaborate with Birdy on social here:

Itchin’ for a Niche?

This Week’s Tip

3 things to consider…

Are you one of those freelancers blessed with particularly intense skills?Your discipline, sleepless nights and hard work paid off! But where do you go from here?

Niche down!

What exactly does that mean?

“Niching down means having a clear focus on your industry, who your ideal target audience is, and aligning your service(s).”  

During our Twitch session last Thursday, we boiled it down to THREE THINGS:

  • Service
  • Audience
  • Industry

Things can get crazy when you’ve got a lot on your plate. And it can be mentally detrimental to newbs in the industry—they tend to learn a lot of skills all at once to make their resume/portfolio praise-worthy.

By niching down, you can avoid this mental strain and overwhelm!

If you need help finding your niche, send a message to one of the Furlords or community members, and we’ll figure it out together. We’ve got your back!

Learning: One of Life’s Constants

Book of the Month


Say the S-Word; Scarcity!💩Missed last week’s tip of the week and still don’t have a copy of this book?

If so, you’re flushing profits down the toilet because Drew Eric Whitman’s Cashvertising has the best compilation of secrets held by ad agencies, copywriters, and designers. 🚽

All the tips, tricks, and strategies you’ll find inside are based on human psychology—meaning they work no matter where you live or what you sell. And most of them are free to use!

You wrote a grand spanking powerful-copy. With engaging content, jaw-dropping graphics, dead on pricing, and believable testimonials.

Can you spot the problem? There’s no deadline!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hard or distanced deadline such as “75% on all Streetwear till End of January. Get it While it Lasts!” or “Limited Quantities of 2020’s Toilet Papers.”

Without a deadline, you’re telling your reader that your offer is always available. There’s no need to buy now and that’s the likelihood of them never showing up again.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, you’ll want to motivate people to take action now.

This makes people want it more than ever, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a powerful psychological motivator—that’s why deadlines and limited quantities have too much power.

If you’re not using scarcity, your copy is a cake with no icing. Do you want to lose another lead just because your offer is always available? Of course not!

By adding scarcity to your copy, you’ll have customers swarming to you like a rhino stampede.🦏 And if you don’t use it, oftentimes, prospects don’t come back!

Plus a great way to practice being assertive for any of you people-pleasing marketers! 😉

Want more? We won’t be sharing any more golden nuggets from this gem—last chance to grab a copy of Cashvertising from this newsletter.

Next month we’ll be covering a new book… Want to know what it is? Tune in next week to find out!

Get Cashvertising Now

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