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January 4th, 2021 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Furlough Weekly is back!

New Year, New Faces!

Something You Should Know

The true essence of Furlough…

2020 was mostly a year of defeat; but as we move into the new year, the future looks promising! Furlough is among the many who remained resilient and positioned for 2021—the year for growth.

And we’ve got your back!

  • YOU, the active community member who shows up tirelessly to every standup meeting
  • YOU, the entrepreneur who’s humbly building an empire amongst us
  • YOU, the hungry newcomer who’s finding their place in the industry

You are the true essence of this community.

Furlough wouldn’t be what it is today without you!

Welcome back my friend 🙂

The new year will be filled with:

  • New faces to see / people to meet
  • Big projects for proactive members to jump on
  • And big ideas in the works to bring even more fun to Furlough!

You’re part of one of the finest hidden gems in the digital marketing world where the name of the game is to network, collaborate and grow.

This community is loaded with years of experience and high-achievers eager to lend you a hand—leverage us to the fullest to get what you want this year!

All you need to do is show up, ask questions and be proactive.

Are you with us? Don’t wait, make today your day to show up in Discord!

If you haven’t introduced yourself, come and say hello and if you haven’t been to a standup meeting, today is the day to do it!

Here’s to a Fantastic 2021!

Twitch Sessions Still Be Poppin!

What Happened?

Here’s what you missed…

You (the community) have grown to 940 members strong!And 536 of you started following Furlough’s Twitch channel, previously known as CasanovaIQ.

If you haven’t noticed, the Twitch channel was rebranded as FurloughTV for the new year.

Reason being, a lot of you are pretty smart cookies and bring another level of IQ to the daily Twitch sessions—so CasanovaIQ has been transcended!

Unfortunately, Twitch replays have an expiration date and the session replays from the last week of December expired 🥺

The #FOMO is real… If you don’t want to miss last week’s session, now’s the time to get caught up!

Here, we made it easy for you:

First Week of January Replays
Start 2021 by hitting the ground running and see how you can get involved! Watch to find out our special announcements for the year!

Tuesday – TIME TO WORK 🏃🏽‍♂️💨💨💨
Enter the Art of Pricing – Stop getting lowballed and get paid what you deserve!

Wednesday – HUMP DAY 🐪
Today, get the shortcut to advertising success with proven Google Ads techniques!
Bonus – our first time getting raided!

Thursday – Email Marketing, Social Media and Furlough! 📈
Your crash course in profitable email marketing—learn how to set up a campaign, the do’s and don’ts, and different sequences you can use!
Also included – get a sneak peek inside Furlough’s newly designed newsletter

Friday – Feature Friday with FB Ads Specialist Josh Butrum 🧠
Real talk with Josh about Facebook Ads, building your brand, driving sales and marketing funnels!

It pays to show up live if you can!

Get answers to your burning questions, get feedback on your projects, learn unorthodox digital marketing techniques, and feed off the positive vibes!

And if you’re not following FurloughTV yet, (404 of you) do it!

As soon as we hit 1000 followers on Twitch something BIG is coming to FurloughTV and the value you’ll get from these sessions is going to skyrocket!

Want to catch a glimpse of every golden nugget we unearth?
Join the Next Twitch Session

We’ve Been Busy!

Community News

Project updates & progress…

As you may or may not know, we’ve got a lot going on in the Furlough community. From Furlough projects to clients of community members.This place has been buzzin’ lately!

Projects are still moving along at a rapid rate (for the most part)…

Here’s what’s happening lately:

  • Within Furlough, we’re aligning our teams across departments
  • Xennial Traveler has a full webinar funnel being built
  • Wealthy Mind Investments has an email newsletter in the works
  • Alcohol wet wipes ad campaigns and ads have been optimized
  • Calibrated is on hold at the moment until we do a migration from servers
  • Dope Rope is automated on Amazon, will be ordering more inventory soon
  • OnlyFans was outsourced to a team so it’s automated now
  • Marketing in the music industry is progressing with some big things in the works behind the scenes

We’re adding new projects every month and could use your help to move things forward, so if you want to learn anything specific like:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Or anything digital marketing…

Scroll down to the opportunities section below to see what you can get involved with!

From A Group of Rockstars…

Member Spotlight

— Alexandra Culciar —

Alexandra was born and raised in Europe, now living in Philadelphia, USA.She joined the Furlough Community 5 months ago through Joe on Acadium.

“Before I joined the community I was working full time as a healthcare / multifamily / residential Architect.

I was furloughed a month prior to joining the community. From there, I took a chance on something completely new.

Since then, she’s gotten another full-time job in Architecture and she plans on merging it with marketing somehow.

When Alexandra joined, she had ZERO marketing experience.

“I was overwhelmed and confused on where to start. But I started at the most beneficial point for me and grew from there as the opportunities presented themselves.

If the opportunity didn’t show up, I made sure to look deep within myself and announce it to the community—this opens the flood gate for others to join me in my journey of learning.”

Since joining, she’s been assigned as the Project Manager for Alcohol Wet Wipes and Nexus, a couple of ongoing projects here at Furlough.

Alexandra was also promoted to Community Manager.

Take it from Alexandra,

Everyone is so helpful and willing to learn together. Love the no pressure environment; no stupid questions here.

Just pick a place and start! If you learn a particular form of marketing & it doesn’t resonate with you, pivot before you become too involved.”

This year she’s working towards running her own company and having the freedom to be self-reliant.

Want to learn more about Alexandra?

Follow her on social media:

(Intric M is in progress and should be launched next year first quarter)

Additions Made Constantly

Opportunities For You

Here’s what you can be a part of…

Remember, Furlough is a place to refine your digital marketing skills—whether you want to learn and master email marketing, SEO, YouTube, WordPress, Facebook ads…You name it, we’ve got a project that can help.

Here’s what’s available this week:


  • Email Marketing for
  • SEO Contributor for
  • SEO Contributor for
  • Youtube Manager for Furlough Youtube Channel
  • Video SEO for Furlough Youtube Channel
  • WordPress Specialist for Webinar Funnel
  • Influencer Relationship Development for Furlough
  • Content Creator for Furlough Social Media
  • Content Marketer for
  • Social Media Specialist for Furlough
  • Video Editor for FurloughTV
  • Podcast Marketing for FurloughTV
  • Paid Advertising for Alcohol Wet Wipes
  • SEO Specialist for Alcohol Wet Wipes


  • Landing Page Design with Opt in for New Start Up
  • eCommerce Manager for PcheeBum
  • eCommerce Email Specialist for PcheeBum
  • Facebook Ads for eCommerce

If you want to level up your digital marketing skills, join our Discord & message a community manager to get started!

Want to help with a project?
Join us on Discord!To help with a project, attend a “FurLorientation” each week on Tuesday at 8am or Thursday 7pm EST!
Join the Furlough Discord Community

Learning: One of Life’s Constants

Book of the Month

A must-read for all marketers…

New to marketing and don’t have a copy of this book?Even if you’re a battle-hardened marketing vet, you’re in for a treat as Cashvertising has the best compilation of secrets held by ad agencies, copywriters, and designers.

All the tips, tricks and strategies you’ll find inside are based on human psychology—meaning they work no matter where you live or what you sell. And most of them are free to use!

Like Principle #7: Inoculation Theory – Make Them Prefer You for Life

As described in the book, it’s the same process as a vaccination you’d get to prevent the flu:

  1. A weakened version of the virus is injected into your arm
  2. Your body reacts as if the virus was full strength, and quickly attacks and kills it
  3. Your body becomes stronger and resistant to that specific virus for the rest of your life

Here’s what Inoculation Theory looks like in marketing:

  1. Warn of an impending attack
  2. Make a weak attack
  3. Encourage a strong defense

See the similarities?

Here’s an example to make even more sense of this…

You’re a pizza shop owner, and you say “Our competitors tell you they use fresh mozzarella, but they don’t tell you they buy it pre-shredded in big plastic bags. At Pauley’s Pizza, we hand-shred our mozzarella every morning.”

  • Impending attack – “our competitors use fresh mozzarella”
  • Weak attack – “they buy it pre-shredded in big plastic bags”
  • Strong defense – “we hand-shred our mozzarella every morning”

Make sense?

In the words of the author, “…if you’re providing legitimate information—and I trust you are—then your advertising becomes more than just another business shouting ‘Me! Me! Me! Buy from ME!’

You’re actually providing a helpful service that—assuming your product or service is truly better—will translate into additional business and tremendous public goodwill.”

Want more? Be sure to come back to this section next week, where we’ll reveal Ad-Agency Secret #7: 360 Degrees of Attention-Getting Power—where you’ll learn a simple trick to stand out from your competitors.

Can’t wait till next week? Grab a copy of Cashvertising today and skip to page 103 to find out early!

Get Cashvertising Now

Stay up to Date With…

The Weekly Schedule

Hope to see you in our next session!

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