Past the Algo | Furlough Exclusive with Bethany Rianna @b_rmxx


Bethany Rianna, known on Instagram as @b_rmxx was born on November 29, 1996 in Sunderland. Although she is involved in several niches, her primary industry on Instagram is Fashion & Style. 

When asked where she sees herself living in the future, she told us that she would love to move from her hometown of Sunderland to either Manchester or Birmingham. She loves that Sunderland is a small town and that everyone knows one another, but ironically at the same time she doesn’t like that it’s very quiet and there isn’t much to do.

We also asked her to walk us through her story, to tell us how she got started and how far she has come. 

I mainly got into blogging on Instagram. My account really started to grow when I dressed up as Christina Aguilar one year for Halloween and the queen herself reposted the photo!

Bethany got a lot of followers and likes from this. Shortly after, she went into competing in a pageant called miss swimsuit UK, which also helped her grow her page. From then on her favorite brands started messaging her and asking to work with them.

She considers it challenging to be an Instagram influencer because some days she just wants to sleep and not have to worry about how she looks, her hair or her makeup, but when she has deadlines and posts scheduled, there is no other option but to comply with them.

In ten years she hopes to take on greater challenges by collaborating with large brands and larger scale companies without leaving aside her growth as a model influencer. At the same time, she wants to enter the world of fashion from a business sphere to start her own bikini or clothing line.

Something that few know about her that she told Furlough is that unlike her typical persona on Instagram where she is a bit more serious, the Bethany off the screens is more “funny and bubbly”.

She is proud of all the brands she has collaborated with, but the ones she most enjoys working with is Pollen, a company in charge of helping people win free tickets to different festivals and events. Other notable collaborations of hers were with Miss Pap & Femmeluxes.

In the future she would love to work with Ohpolli, Pretty Little Thing and Miss Guided. the reason these are her go to brands is that she considers herself a huge fan of their work, and she loves the diversity of the models.

The advice Bethany would give to all of her followers would be not to take life too seriously. Always be authentic. 

Instagram isn’t the full picture-perfect life you see, so don’t get upset if you don’t look or have the same lifestyle as someone else.

She recommends always aspiring to be unique, happy and true to ourselves. 

To learn more about Bethany Rianna you can follow her on Instagram at @b_rmxx

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