Search with Texts in Google Photos, Copy and Paste It

Google Photos

Google Photos is Google’s another essential part that is also the default image app in many Android devices. Pixel and Android One smartphones use Google Photos as their default image app, and that is not its only function. Google Photos is also an excellent cloud service that lets you save your images on your Google account, and you can use the search bar to find the pictures. And now Google Photos has become more enjoyable than ever before. You can type the text associated with the images, and Google will display the picture on-screen. And this new feature is now slowly and steadily rolling out across the platform.

The new text search option is Google Lens’ image analysis feature, and you can further copy and paste it using the Lens’ existing OCR (optical character recognition) functionality. You can even use a single text or word, and you can find the image you are looking for. Google first announced this recent update on their latest tweet, and the first one to observe the change is 9to5Google.

Of course, the future has enhanced the search functionality of Google photos, and you can use it to search for specific images by location, people, and date, and with other similar criteria. Moreover, the new text search feature will help you search for pictures of documents, and you can also search for signboards, restaurant menus, and business cards, etc. with it.

The text feature will work best on clear photographs with clear fonts. But you can also use it for any text in the images. Last month, the company rolled out live video previews on their main timeline for the Android users.

So, update your Google Photos app and get ready to use the new feature.

Mark Farthing
Mark was born in Portland and has lived there for most of his life, except for three years of college in New York. He has a degree in International Business and works as an account manager for a well-renowned tech firm in Portland. He's always had a knack for writing and has published several guest articles in magazines, so putting his passion for writing and technology came pretty easy to him. He is very close to his family and when he's not working, they spend their weekends either travelling or spending time together at home.


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