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📅 [July 26, 2021]


It’s Monday! Question: What do black hat SEO marketers serve at thanksgiving? Any guesses? (Scroll to the bottom for the answer!)

While you simmer on that, let’s get to the marketing news for the week.

In this week’s issue:

  •  It’s official: Stories Drafts Are Now Available On Instagram
  • Video SEO: Google Launches SeekToAction
  • 5 Tips to Help You Convert Your Prospects into Sales
  • How to Build a Marketing Portfolio that Attracts Top Dollar Clients
  • In This Game Of Marketing Chess, Is Content Still King?

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📱 Social Media

It’s Official: Stories Drafts Are Now Available On Instagram

Stories Drafts Are Now Available On Instagram

Are you tired of having to take so many extra steps just to save your stories?

Or maybe you’ve shot a great story in-app, but you want to post it later.

Enter Stories Drafts.

Until now Instagram creators have been able to save their unreleased stories by downloading them to their phone or by using third-party apps.

Due to the fact these tools aren’t native to the platform, it can be disruptive to your workflow.

Finally, drafts are now available to Instagram!

Here’s the scoop directly from Instagram: “Instagram Stories drafts are now available for everyone, globally. Story drafts will save for seven days before disappearing.”

Within the drafts, the app allows you to put together crafted compositions. It’s such a bonus being able to view Stories as they would appear to users, especially considering that the app is so focused on curated aesthetics!

So go ahead and try out their new drafts feature, just don’t forget to post before the seven-day time period is up…

Otherwise, all that hard work goes to waste!



Video SEO: Google Launches SeekToAction

Google Launches SeekToAction

Video killed the radio star: With more and more videos showing within the Google Rankings, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Google I/O has launched SeekToAction. It’s a brand new way for Google to understand how to timestamp your videos using key moments within Google search results.

Using this new feature will enable you to improve click-through rates from google search to your videos.

How it works:

  • SeekToAction displays “key moments,” allowing users to navigate your video in segments – It’s almost like reading a chapter in a book!

  • Google will try to detect segments in your video automatically which is a huge time saver!

  • If you want more control, you can manually segment the key aspects of your video

Use SeekToAction markup here

📈 Copywriting

5 Tips to Help You Convert Your Prospects into Sales

10 Tips to Help You Convert Your Prospects into Sales

In this Twitter thread Jeremy Moser, columnist for The SEO Journal, breaks down 10 copywriting tips that will increase conversions on your sales pages, ads, and websites.

Here are the top 5 we found to be highly effective:

  1. Use timeframes: Do not use ambiguous time blocks. Be direct. Let your prospects know when they can expect their first email from you.
  2. Remove friction words: Phrases like “Sign-Up” and “Book a call” give readers pause. Using words like “receive” lets them know they will be getting something and puts them at ease.
  3. Specificity sells: Use real numbers, data points, and experiences. Stay away from generalizations like “hundreds.” Use raw numbers (i.e. “438 businesses trust our newsletter.”)
  4. Utilize curiosity gaps: This builds anticipation and makes your reader want to click. An ellipses (…) in between text can push readers to want to find out more.
  5. Keep it conversational: Use the tone, sentence rhythm, and words your audience would use. This allows them to relate more to what you are trying convey to them.

Want to know what else is effective at driving conversions? Read the rest of Jeremy’s suggestions here.

Need more info? Here are some helpful guidelines


💰 Business Operations

How to Build a Marketing Portfolio that Attracts Top Dollar Clients

How to Build a Marketing Portfolio that Attracts Top Dollar Clients

Building a personal portfolio can be an extremely daunting undertaking. And if you’re new in the digital marketing space, you may feel a little out of your depth.

How do you ensure that prospects trust your expertise and move to use your consulting services?

We recently took to LinkedIn to answer this question for our followers.

Here’s our advice:
Start with experiences. Then build off of that and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

  1. Start an apprenticeship: Know what skills you want to work on. Then find a company that will allow you to do that. This could be paid or unpaid.
  2. Help a brand that needs fixing: If you feel confident in your skills, extend a helping hand to a brand you follow. Offer to work for free in exchange for a testimonial and experience to pad your resume.
  3. Start a blog: Position yourself as an authority in your field. Write about the skills you are using to solve clients’ problems. Post weekly and engage with those that engage with you.
  4. Use your skills to help a friend: Spread the word to your circle. Let your close companions know you are looking to collaborate. And have them act as your mouthpiece as well.
  5. Start freelancing: Now you have experience, testimonials, and authority. It’s time to put yourself on the market. And be specific on what niche you serve.

You can read our LinkedIn post for yourself here.

Now get out there and start making the magic happen.

🤩 Spotlight

In This Game Of Marketing Chess, Is Content Still King?

In This Game Of Marketing Chess, Is Content Still King?

Meet marketing heavyweight, Jon Hinderliter.

Jon is Director of Marketing and Communications for University College at Washington University and author of the award-winning book, The Death of Content is King. 

It was a pleasure to have him as a speaker on our live Mastermind. You can read the transcription here.

We talked:

  • Content vs. data
  • Concerns about IOS 14
  • The Death of Content is King

Missed it? Watch the exclusive Mastermind here

For more expert talks with nomads, brands, and influencers, tune in through Furlough’s Discord Community to watch Live Mastermind Sessions every Friday at 12 PM EST with Joe and Ophir.


🤳 Round-Up

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