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📅 [NOV 01, 2021]

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What an amazing month we’ve had!

We’ve seen record growth within our community averaging 150 new members each week (and growing at 30%) and it shows. With more and more professionals in our community we’ve never had so much opportunity!

Our community really is fueled on growth and collaboration. Make sure to look out for more in the future!

In this week’s issue:

  • Customer Satisfaction Is More Important Than You Thought
  • Watch Out SEO Specialists, Change Is Coming
  • Furlough’s Winning Client Acquisition Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Highlights You Should Know About

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🛒 E-commerce 

Customer satisfaction is more important than you thought!

Customer satisfaction is more important than you thought! 

Creating an excellent shopping experience for your customer will keep your business from going broke.

To put it simply,

The more you can focus on your customer’s needs the more their shopping experience will increase.

These positive experiences help generate reviews and build brand trust.

This is a great way to scale your business up and grow organically.

If you didn’t notice by now:

There are 3 keys to having Great Reviews🔑

  1. Reviews influence search engine results.
  • The more positive reviews you get, the higher up your business will appear on local search results.
  1. Social proof influences more purchases.
  • 78% of consumers admit that positive reviews make them trust a company more.
  • 87% of consumers read online reviews to decide what to buy, where to stay and which restaurant to visit.
  1. Reviews remove friction and push the customer towards making a decision.
  • Removing anxiety and the fear of making the wrong decision, results in higher conversion rates.

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Watch Out SEO Specialists, Change is Coming!

Watch Out SEO Specialists, Change is Coming! 

Significant changes are happening in the world of SEO and Marketers around the world are loving it. if you haven’t heard the news IndexNow, a new indexing protocol created by Microsoft and Yandex is radically revolutionizing the way websites are indexed by search engines. 

Up until now, traditional search engines obtain web data by pulling data from our servers. What IndexNow does is it “changes content discovery to push method where a CMS like WordPress tells the search engines when the content has been published or updated.”

Now content publishers don’t need to wait for search engines to crawl on their webpages to discover their content, their content is delivered to search engines the moment it goes live on the webpage.

Benefits of switching to IndexNow:

  • Your updated content being indexed the right way means more chances for valuable and quality content to appear on the first page when your audience searches using your keywords.
  • It will drastically improve the performance on the internet in general by optimally improving your servers performance, since now, your server doesn’t have to serve on updated pages to search engines.
  • Lastly, it reduces energy demands for crawling and indexing and therefore preserves our world.

IndexNow is set to launch in November.

According to Microsoft, “large companies like eBay, LinkedIn, MSN, GitHub and Bizapedia are planning to migrate to IndexNow from the Bing URL submission API.”

We are hopeful that all companies will follow along since it’s clear that this is a beneficial upgrade for all Ecommerce companies, and in general, anybody who is serious about their business.



Furlough’s Winning Client Acquisition Strategy

Furlough's Winning Client Acquisition Strategy

One of the most difficult things for aspiring digital marketers and even professionals is getting clients. You might be highly skilled in your niche, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will convert those cold emails into clients. This can be one of the most anxiety-inducing struggles for any freelancer.

Staying afloat in business starts with a great client acquisition strategy. 

So what exactly should you do to acquire more clients?

The answer: A brand audit. 

A brand audit is an overview carried out by the marketer, of all the different marketing efforts done so far by your target client.

By providing up front value, you are more likely to gain the trust of the business you are targeting.

Last week at Furlough, Ophir lead our first brand audit session, which was packed with valuable information on exactly how implement this strategy.

We talked about:

  • Which brands to focus on.
  • How to research the brands current marketing efforts.
  • The best way to consolidate your findings.

If you are interested in learning more come along to our next session today at 3.30pm EST. 

🤳 Round-Up

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Have a great week and remember to join us in our Mastermind today at 12PM EST!

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