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📱 Social Media

The New Instagram Feature You Need To Start Using

The New Instagram Feature You Need To Start Using

Your customers will often browse their phones during their downtime. They could be looking through your stories on their lunch break, during their commute on the train, or even while waiting in line for their oat milk latte.

Although it’s fantastic that you can be on the customer’s brain during these times, you can often miss out on opportunities if the customer views your stories without sound enabled.

Your entire brand message that you worked really hard on was skipped all because they couldn’t enable sound at the time.

This is where Caption Stickers comes in!
Find out more about how to caption stickers can help your brand here.


🔎Paid Advertising

Customer Retention. Get The Most Out of Your Money

Customer Retention. Get The Most Out of Your Money

Two things that go hand in hand are customer acquisition and customer retention.

To get the most out of the money you spend on acquiring the customer it is crucial to retain that lead for as long as possible. Many business owners forget that you need to recuperate the costs from acquiring the customer before you are able to turn a profit from them.

If you haven’t got a customer retention strategy for these purposes you need to put it on your to do list!
Otherwise, you’re in danger of losing money and wasting your hard work!

We’ll make things easier for you!
Here’s a great Ad strategy you can use.



7 Simple Steps to Writing Click-Worthy Headlines

7 Simple Steps to Writing Click-Worthy Headlines

Writing amazing blog articles but your click rate is dead in the water? It might just be your headlines that are doing you in.
Research shows that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your article.
Headlines should never be an afterthought. Instead, they should be carefully crafted to appeal to your ideal reader’s emotions and the problem(s) it will solve.

If you are struggling to compose killer headlines that get people clicking, check out these 7 simple steps to writing click-worthy headlines.


💰 Remarketing

Giving Up on Email Marketing? You Might Just Regret That!

Giving Up on Email Marketing? You Might Just Regret That!

Do you ever wonder if there is any point in sending your email campaigns out?

It can feel like you are wasting your time creating beautiful emails that no one ever reads.

Well, don’t give up yet!

Hubspot released its 2021 Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics. It showed that email is still one of the most profitable methods of marketing for businesses today. Emails gave the highest ROI for small businesses in 2020.

And in the coming years, the audience for emails is projected to increase, with 4.48 billion email users by the end of 2024!

 If you’re struggling with your email campaigns, try these 3 simple fixes:

  • Laser target your audience by using segmentation – Marketers who segmented their had as much as 760% increase in revenue in 2020.
  • Test your emails to ensure they are optimized for mobile – Mobile accounted for 40% of email open rates last year.
  • Use message personalization in your emails – This was the number one tactic to improve email performance in 2020.

Want to know what else is reported as effective in marketing today? Check out the full 2021 Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics. You’ll get industry insights into many verticals including email marketing, lead generations, marketing technology, and more.



Welcome Platinum Member Myree

Welcome Platinum Member Myree

COY Co. official start date March 17th. We are excited to start working with them and build out a remarketing strategy and plan. We will be focusing on Email Marketing & recruiting. A few strategies we will use are Weekly newsletters, abandoned cart, customer winback, and welcome series automations to start with.

A little bit about COY Co. COY Co. empowers creators to “Capitalize On You.” COY Co. is a full service technology company and community which builds individual subscription content platforms for a select group of COY Creators while also providing best in class copyright protection services. This is done through the COY Co. Success Engine, which combines content creation, growth marketing, community, data access, and protection into one premium solution.

Visit the site for more information COY Co. 

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