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📅 [July 5, 2021]


Talk about celebrations this past weekend! Not only was it Independence Day in the US, but it also a big day for a very special person in our community – the birthday of our founder Joe Casanova!

From the entire Furlough Community to you, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being our fearless and passionate leader. You have set the pace for greatness.

In this week’s issue:
– Elevate Your Social Media Marketing with this Key Report.
– Content that Compels: How to Create Showstopping Headlines.
– Branding: What Your Brand Is…And Is Not
– How to Crush Your Advertising Without Third Party Cookies
– Furlough is Making Sparks Fly With Pcheebum

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📱 Social Media

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Awareness With This Key Report

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Awareness With This Key Report

The world of social media is always changing.

We went from Myspace, to Tumblr, to Instagram, to TikTok.

There’s always something new on the scene.

And with changing platforms, comes changing opinions and behaviors. What worked 5 years ago, simply isn’t going to cut it when it comes to connecting and converting your followers.

This report looks at the key aspects of social media today, and will provide perspective allowing you to maximise your connection with your followers.

Here is a small sample of what it covers:

  • What platforms brands use vs. what consumers want brands to use.
  • What actions your brand can take to secure sales over your competitors.
  • Types of content most valuable for achieving your social goals.

Check out the full report here.



Content That Compels: How to Create Showstopping Headlines

How to Create Showstopping Headlines

Want to know one of the best things about the Furlough community?

Our members share trade secrets.

Here’s one from everyone’s favorite social media manager, Bogdan Popa!

Did you know that there’s a free tool which analyzes and scores your blog post titles?

Your blog’s headline is the key to capturing your audience’s attention and boosting your site traffic. 

The Advanced Marketing Institute created a headline analyzer. It calculates your score based on Emotional Marketing Value (EMV), enabling you to compel your audience to take action.

Try the headline analyzer now.


📈 Business Development

Branding: What Your Brand Is…And Is Not

What Your Brand Is...And Is Not

If you thought that a brand was a checklist of things that you paid an expert to assemble for you, we hate to tell you this – you’re wrong!

Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not your business logo.

Your brand is not your business promise.

Your brand is not even your deliverables product or services.

In this interview, Chris Do – founder of The Futur – gets insight from Marty Neumeier, a graphics designer and copywriter that has helped companies like Google, Apple, and Adobe build their brand.

He says “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.”  

Listen to the 4 minute conversation here


💰 Paid Advertising

Crush Your Advertising Without Chasing Third Party Cookies

Crush Your Advertising Without Chasing Third Party Cookies

Google announced back in March that it is stripping away tracking cookies. 

To make matters worse, Google also announced that they will not be rolling out any other alternative user-level ad identifiers.


What are your alternatives?

Contextual advertising is where you can start.

Contextual advertising relies on the content that your audience is looking at versus a behavior profile  – which is what third-party cookies were based on.

The company Invoca describes it this way: “It’s like beer ads in a bar: go where your customers are.”

However, for this to work you have to rely on an older tried and true method – producing and disbursing relevant content.

Check out this article to learn more about contextual advertising and other ways to overcome the disappearance of third-party cookies.


🤩 Spotlight

Furlough is Making Sparks Fly With Pcheebum

Furlough is Making Sparks Fly With Pcheebum

This past weekend Furlough launched its first email campaign for new client Pcheebum.

The team ran a 4th of July sale for the women’s athleisure client that was acquired by the community earlier last month.

The sale utilized two main email campaigns:

  • A Newsletter Welcome Sequence, and
  • An Abandon Cart Sequence

Furlough also set up the banner creatives for the Pcheebum main website

Check it out here on the Pcheebum website here.

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