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Simple Fashion Hacks for Men This Fall

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If you are anything like me, you are at a point where getting dressed and looking great is far from the top of your priorities list. There are some days where staying at home in your sweats all day sounds like a great idea, and it is. Let’s face it though, girls don’t like it, your boss doesn’t like it, and you’re better than that.

This article will give you some simple fashion hacks for looking great this fall season with little effort. By taking the tips laid out here, you will be well on your way to mastering men’s fashion the easy way. 

We are going to learn some basic rules and take real examples from the top men’s fashion influencers. It doesn’t have to be complicated to dress well and save time and money in the process.


What are you dressing for?

Before we touch on the main points about the main fashion hacks to get you looking your best this fall, it is important to define what you are dressing for. Are you going to the gym, going to the office, or going on a first date? 

When you are not sure, just remember that it is always better to be dressed to nice than not dressed nice enough. One tip I had been told before by a college professor is to always dress for the position you want to be in one day. Wearing a dress shirt and pants everyday may not be the most comfortable option, but it lets others know that you respect yourself and first impressions are important to you.

Dressing nice isn’t the easiest and quickest thing to do, so let’s address some basics before we hack our wardrobe.


It’s All About the Fit

This Easy Guide to Fit by Men’s Fashion Magazine gives a great lesson on the fundamentals of fit when it comes to your jacket, dress shirt, pants, etc. The reason this is the first point of the article is that it is by far the most important. 

You could have an expensive name-brand suit (who really cares about the brand name of your suit?), or you could have a sub 100$ suit. The difference is, of course, the quality of the material and some of the fitting, but if you don’t have the suit tailored to your body shape, it won’t like good. A properly tailored suit makes all the difference

Check out how top men’s fashion influencer @johanneshuebl applies basic rules of great fit to his outfit here. What effort did this really take? He’s wearing pants that are rolled up (a more trendy look), classic loafers, a well-fitted dress shirt with a knit tie, and comfortable blazer. The colors are important, but if these clothes were too baggy or about to burst off of him, we wouldn’t even notice the colors.


Choose the Right Colors

Now that you have clothes in your wardrobe that isn’t draping off of you (unless that’s your goal), you can now choose which colors go with what. In the color wheel below, you can see what we consider warm and cool colors.

Types of looks:

  • Monochromatic
    • This is when you have different shades or tints of one color. Ex: Wearing dark blue jeans with a light blue shirt.
  • Analogous (Adjacent)
    • This is when you have 2 or more articles of clothing with colors next to each other on the color wheel. Ex: A dark blue polo shirt with some dark green chinos.
  • Primary and Secondary Colors
    • The primary colors: red, yellow, and blue
    • The secondary colors: green, purple, and orange
    • Putting an outfit together with these colors would theoretically match yet is a bolder choice. You can match opposite colors on the wheel, but when they are bright versions of those colors they often look weird. Consider getting different tints or shades.
    • Ex: A navy dress shirt with deep red chinos.
  • Neutral (Browns and Grays)
    • These are colors that can pretty much be worn with anything and look good.
    • Kakhi pants and gray t-shirts are great examples of neutral tones that can be matched with most other colors.
  • Black and White
    • Use these colors to wear with anything as well.
    • Ex: A white t-shirt with black pants, a navy blazer, and leather loafers.

The technical stuff is out of the way. Check out how fashion influencer @thepacman82 has taken the simple monochrome idea to extremes with these clothes and accessories to create this outfit.

Be sure to check out Phil Cohen’s Instagram page for more tips and outfit ideas for matching 

Putting on nicer shoes is a quick fashion hack to dressing up a casual outfit.


Look Good and Save Time

Now we are going to talk about some concepts on how you can look good while not having to spend much to figuring out what to wear or looking in the mirror very long. The goal here is to require less thought you need to put into your outfit, while still looking good and feeling comfortable.

Using the two above rules about colors and fit will get you 80% of the way there. We are going to focus on the idea that you are not dressing for a corporate job, wedding, etc. (business professional or casual) and are ideally looking for casual options that you can use for a date night, or a night out with friends.

Men’s fashion influencer @aaronmarino knows how to coach guys in looking and feeling their best. Check out his simple combination that is comfortable, timeless, and looks great. Check out videos on his YouTube channel to learn more tips about getting you looking and feeling your best.

Notice in the picture on the left, he is wearing the simple white t-shirt and jeans combination, but he has some chelsea boots on. He is “dressing-up” this outfit. Note: adding nicer shoes to a casual outfit will make the outfit appear nicer than more casual shoes. This is a simple hack to making something simple look classy.


Keep Accessories to a Minimum

So you like to wear a watch and the occasional necklace? That is just fine. Be careful not to wear too many accessories. I suggest no more than 3 (a watch, a bracelet, and sunglasses). This is important to keep in mind, so you aren’t distracting from what is important which is how you look in the outfit, not your jewelry.

To keep things simple, have a bracelet and watch that you wear almost daily. You could have a watch dedicated for when you are working throughout the day and a watch for when you are out at night (nicer or flashier if that’s what you are in to). You could have maybe 2 pairs of sunglasses with different colors for different outfits. A quick tip for sunglasses would be to at least have one daily pair that is around $10-$20, because if you are anything like me, you lose or break glasses easily.

Pictured above, Jose Zuniga is using the analogous color-scheme here with the light-tinted blue jeans, dark-shaded green pullover, and light-brown chelsea boots. A great expert in male fashion is @teachingmensfashion, Jose gives great tips and examples on his YouTube and Instagram platforms.



Ultimately, your style is based on what works for you. There are general rules such as fit and color that apply to everyone. Try out different types of clothes, but start with the intent of what the outfit is for. When dressing casual, stick with the simple t-shirt and jeans/chino combo and depending on what you are doing that night, dress the outfit up or down with your shoes and accessories. 

With these foundational hacks and Instagram influencers to model after, you will be dressed well with minimal effort in no time.