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📅 [July 21, 2021]


Today is the 2021 summer solstice. How many tasks can you finish on the longest day of the year?

In this week’s issue:
– The UK is cracking down on social media influencers
– How you can use links to beef up your content marketing
– What you should do before your business launch
– Shopify + Instagram? Why you should take advantage of this powerful combo
– How Gary Vee spends his ad dollars
– The mastermind that is killing the LinkedIn game in the Furlough Community

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📱 Social Media

Crackdowns on Social Media Influencers are in Full Force

Crackdowns on Social Media Influencers are in Full Force

The UK is getting serious about influencers flouting advertising standards rules.

One of the biggest gripes we have seen social media fans complain about is the lack of transparency among influencers and brand partnerships.

Influencers who flaunt these rules will now be added to a new non-compliance website. The ASA has reported that If influencers continue to break the rules they may remove their posts and impose fines as a deterrent.

Consumers have the right to be made aware of any reviews which have monetary transactions behind them.

These partnerships obviously contribute to whether purchases, based on the trust that influencer has forged with their followers.

Brands and influencers who are upfront about their advertising continue to build better reputations than those who don’t. 

Get the full scoop here.



Have You Linked Up?

Have You Linked Up?

Are you unsure how to step up your content marketing?

What if I told you that you could:

  1. Enhance your credibility
  2. Show that you are relevant
  3. Generate backlinks
  4. Boost value for readers

Want to learn how?

Then check out this resource on Outbound Links


💡 Market Research

You Have to Walk Before You Can Run

You Have to Walk Before You Can Run

We know the feeling of excitement you get when you’re about to launch a new business.

You want to get started and you are ready to put in the hard work required to run your business.

But before you dive headfirst into the deep end…

Have you considered looking into:

  • Buying trends
  • Industry innovations
  • Local and national government issues

These are just a few topics that can seriously affect your business.

We have broken down a list of topics you should look into before launching your business so you can get the best head start necessary for success.

We know you put your heart and soul into your work and your business is something extremely meaningful to you.

But to prevent fatal mistakes which can hurt your heart and your wallet, 

you must read our article on market analysis and competitive acquisition first. 


📈 Ecommerce

Your Formula For Shopify Success

Your Formula For Shopify Success

That’s right – Instagram!

If you haven’t thought about using Instagram with your Shopify store, think again. The two giants came together back in 2018 to craft a user experience that would:

  1. Reduce friction during check out transactions, and
  2. Allow Shopify store owners another storefront with a setup fee of essentially zero dollars


We are here to tell you this partnership works…and it works well.


For one, Instagram has a platform with 1 billion users on it, and 80% of them follow a brand – signifying that these scrollers are primed to buy. The fact that shoppers never have to leave the IG platform to buy one of your Shopify store products can lead to a significant uptick in your sales performance.  

Additionally, store owners are able to retarget Shopify customers that abandoned their cart directly on IG!

Want to learn more reasons why you should implement this partnership in your e-commerce strategy or how to set up your IG to allow Shopify transactions? Check out this article on How to Sell on Instagram with Shopify in 5 Steps.


💰 Paid Advertising

Forecast Your Ad Costs Like Gary Vee

Forecast Your Ad Costs Like Gary Vee

What is the best way to spend your social media budget? Is it in FB ads? LinkedIn? IG?

Gary Vee did a quick 3-minute video that will help you answer that question.

You’ll learn:

  • Which platform he suggest to optimize your ad dollars
  • What your engagement goal should be

Hear him break it down himself in less than 3 minutes the best way to spend your social media budget.


🤩 Spotlight

Meet the Mastermind Behind Furlough’s LinkedIn Success

Meet the Mastermind Behind Furlough's LinkedIn Success

You may have read our infographic on reasons you should be on LinkedIn in last week’s newsletter.

Well our LinkedIn social media manager, Bogdan Popa is killing it with insightful discussion topics on marketing, business, and influencing.

He has even managed to pick up a client, who scouted him because of his content.

Huge congrats Bogdan!

For those of you who are on the platform, come and say hi!

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