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📅 Feb. 22nd


Happy Monday! ClickUp as our new project management tool has been a smash-hit within Furlough. 🚀ManyChat jumped the shark! 🦈 Many members challenged themselves for a rare opportunity to build experience in Chatbot automation with Joe. Lori has officially found her VA for Xennial Traveler! 🌴Furlough has been swarmed by many new members! 🙌
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📱 Social Media

Here’s The “Secret” to Growing Your LinkedIn Audience (Everyone Knows, but Most Don’t Use)

The “Secret” to Growing Your LinkedIn Audience

Thousands of people have used this strategy to build a loyal community on social media. After all, that’s what we REALLY want right?

Not just followers, but a LOYAL following. 👀

It’s mentioned all the time here at Furlough—quality over quantity. You can have a million followers, but unless they’re loyal to you… do you REALLY have an audience?🤨

And when it comes time to sell your idea, product, or service… how many of them will ACTUALLY convert?

When you use this not-so-secret strategy—you’ve likely heard of but never implemented… you won’t have to worry about that!

It’s called the $1.80 Instagram Strategy—but guess what? It works for ANY social media platform, including LinkedIn.😍

Gary V started using this strategy first on Twitter, then Facebook, and Instagram.

“No matter which platform comes next, this will be the behavior I deploy to build awareness, and more importantly, community online.”

There aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to building a loyal following online. This is the ONLY strategy you need to make it happen—LinkedIn included!

Don’t believe it? Hear it straight from Gary V himself. 🚀



LOOK! 4 Rockstar Steps to Boost your Youtube Video Rankings

4 Rockstar Steps to Boost your Youtube Video Rankings

Wow! Congratulations! You’ve launched your Youtube channel! You’re cranking out those videos like a rockstar. 🧑‍🎤

You’re all hyped with your content til you hit a plateau. 🛑

You’re frustrated by how difficult it is to grow your Youtube channels. It feels like being blindfolded while solving a Rubik’s cube.

Growing a YouTube channel is hard.  And, it is near impossible if you don’t optimize your channel correctly.

Far worst… You’re now advised by other Youtube buddies to stay consistent and the rest will follow.

What does that mean when it’s been 3 months? 😫

Now you’re comparing yourself with Youtubers who had a better start than you did. You stopped posting content and put your channel on the backburner. 🔥

There’s one thing you haven’t tried… Marketing!

Brian Dean (of Backlinko) knows the struggles too well. When he first started YouTube, he struggled to get any views. After making some adjustments, Brian now generates over 228K views per month! 👀

You can take the exact 4 steps and rank higher with your Youtube videos. Click the blog post and you’ll be on your way as a Youtube Rockstar. In this article, he shares his exact 4 step process in ranking YouTube videos. ✅


📈 Remarketing

How to Profit From Home—Using Inexpensive Tools—to Build Your List With Record Gains

How to Profit From Home—Using Inexpensive Tools

Spend a dollar and get $40 back. That’s the power of email marketing.

And when you have automated campaigns doing the heavy lifting… 💪

It’s a game-changer.

The thing is, you need subscribers on your list to do that.

So how do you build a list to get that oh-so-profitable ROI? 🚀

SendX has found 9 strategies to boost your email lead gen—here are the top 3:

  1. Create content upgrades & gated content
  2. Spark up partnerships & collaborations
  3. Offer referral bonuses & incentives

The money is in the list! You may have heard this before—and it’s true!🤑

With your own list and build a solid relationship with them, you’ve got yourself an invaluable business asset. You’ll be able to leverage money in your pocket. 💸

Check out the other 6 strategies in SendX’s blog post and start building a profitable list!


💰 Paid Advertising

How Come Most SEM Professionals Never See the Signs That Tell Them Exactly Why Ads Are Not Being Clicked? Never Assume All Is Fine!

Even though you may think your ad is perfect, many miss the mark on the first thing that attracts customers.


Trust me, bad headlines will make an ugly first impression. 💩

All you have to do is follow these simple, yet effective tips when writing your next headline. You will never worry about another missed click opportunity. 😍

  • Use specific numbers & data in your headline.
  • Use a unique reason why something should be done.
  • Have a Call for Attention.

Keep your clients happy, and watch your sales increase. 🚀💸

Don’t waste another minute and get all the pro tips from Neil Patel here!


🚀 Grow

“By any means necessary”- meant examine the obstacles, determine the vision, find the resolve, and explore the alternatives toward dissolving the obstacles. — Malcolm X.

The leaders inside the Furlough community know this—they constantly learn and apply what they learn in order to reach their desired outcomes.

You can learn all you want, but if you don’t APPLY what you learn… are you any further ahead than you were before learning it?

The key to making it stick and moving towards your goals is ACTION.

If you know what you want, learn what you need to get there and leverage Furlough to put it into practice! Share the community with your peers to create more leverage!

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