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📅 [March 29th, 2021]


As the first quarter to 2021 comes to an end we embrace the next season with open arms! It’s launch week and the time with the Furlough community has never been as exciting. In this week’s newsletter we’ll be talking about all the exciting new changes and opportunities we have in the community.

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📱 Social Media

All eyes on Facebook; Instagram is no longer the priority 😱

All eyes on Facebook; Instagram is no longer the priority

When it comes down to social media most people gravitate to the popular platforms but does that mean that most popular platform is the best option for your business or brand?

Unfortunately, most brands believe they need to be active on every social media platform to do it right but the truth is that it is much better to be great at a few platforms than mediocre on all of them.

Being a content creator, social media manager or an influencer is a full time job. The secret to most influencer’s success is the consistency they have in creating content. So if you’re spending all your time trying to post on all of platforms instead of focusing your efforts on just a few that work well together, then you be working hard but not smart.

Initially we aimed to accommodate everyone who wants to gain experience in social media to have the ability to learn every channel here within Furlough but that turned out being a challenge so with our focus on the launch we’re switching focus. Facebook is now the priority. We’re launching advertising to Furlough for the first time since we’ve started and to make the most of the campaigns we’re consolidating our efforts.



Introducing a new Furlough SEO Strategy; Full Stack Audits 🕵🏼‍♂️

What a time to be a part of Furlough. In last week’s SEO meeting we discussed a new strategy to be implemented that bring new opportunities within the community, Full Stack Audits. A full stack audit is a comprehensive review of a brand’s full stack marketing. What does this include?

  • Feedback on their Social Media Pages
  • Review their Site Structure & On Page Content (SEO)
  • Experience their Remarketing (Chatbots or Email Marketing)
  • Take a look at the current ads they’re running (Google/FB Ad Library)

This brings new exciting opportunities to the SEO such as:

  • Gain experience on brand audits
  • Learn how to improve brand conversion rates
  • Lead generation to provide brand solution
  • Portfolio Content for Writer in our team

As we continue to grow more opportunities will continue to arise within Furlough.


📈 Remarketing

New Leadership in our Remarketing team… who can it be? 🤔

remarketing team in furlough

With the celebration of our new launch we’ve done some restructuring within the community. With exciting new roles such as COO, CMO, EA, and Social Media Manager in place we look to fill three more within our community.

  • SEO Coordinator to lead the SEO team
  • Biz/Dev Director for Influencer and Brand Relationship Management
  • Remarketing Director

With all these exciting roles being filled and just a few seats left, who will step up to take on this once in a lifetime opportunity! There will never be a time like this for a community as collaborative as ours. Great things in the horizon and much more opportunity to come.

Want to know who the new leader of our remarketing team is? Come join us April 1st at the Q2 launch of our Mastermind sessions on 


🤩 Spotlight

New Community Manager to be announce on April 1st at Mastermind!

New Community Manager

We’re only a few days away until our launch back on Twitch for our weekday Mastermind session. We took a small break to really hone in on the internal workings of Furlough. We’re coming back stronger, smarter and better than ever before!

At our welcome back session on Thursday April 1st, 2021 we’ll be celebrating the beginning of Q2 of 2021 with our community so if you haven’t been around there’s no better time to come by and check out all the progress we’ve gone through together.

Every quarter we’ve inducted a new community manager but what does that mean? A community manager is someone who truly is determined to become their best professional self. Whether they give back to other members or constantly improve on their own craft. It’s a way we give recognition to those making significant strides and give back to those around them without strings attached.

So who’s the new community manager? Tune in Thursday to find out!

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