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📅 [June 07, 2021]

Summer has officially started! We look forward to pool parties, and all the beach vacations we have been waiting for impatiently now that travel has opened back up.

In this week’s issue we’ll look at:

  • Manychat Expands with Instagram Chatbot Automation
  • A Simple, Easy to Understand Guide to Internal Linking
  • How to Connect with Your Audience in a Snap!
  • How to get better email Open Rates
  • Writering Opportunity to Build Your Online Presence

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📱 Social Media

Manychat Expands with Instagram Chatbot Automation

Manychat Expands with Instagram Chatbot Automation

Are you sick of constantly catching up to those DMs that never seem to end?
It’s like trying to get to “inbox zero.”

You start the week out strong, then by the time the weekend rolls around you are scrambling to catch up.
Enter chatbot automation.

Can you believe you can get a computer to automate intelligent responses that solve problems?
This will free up much-needed space in your life, and at the same time, keep customers happy.

Here’s how you can get started with Instagram chatbot automations.



A Simple, Easy to Understand Guide to Internal Linking

A Simple, Easy to Understand Guide to Internal Linking

If you are a business owner or have a portfolio site, you absolutely need a blog to help your visibility within search engines.

With a blog and some keyword research, you can choose keywords you want to rank for, that your customers are searching, to direct them to your site.

Do you know what that means? More traffic!
And more traffic means more sales.
But wait…
There’s more!

If you want to capitalize on this further you need to utilize internal linking strategies.
These strategies will push your content further up in search engines and keep customers on your site longer.
Check out this, simple and easy-to-understand guide to get you started.


💰 Paid Advertising

Connect with Your Audience in a Snap!

Connect with Your Audience in a Snap!

Some thought that Snapchat’s 15 seconds of fame was about to fizzle out. However, the stats are in and the details may surprise you.

Almost every single quarter of 2020 Snapchat added new users, closing out 2020 at 256 million users (touting a number very close to that of Pinterest and Medium).

So what does that mean for your paid advertising efforts?

Taking the time to use Snapchat ads can be a great payoff, especially if your audience is younger.

Consider this:

  • Snapchat reaches 75% of 13-34-year-olds
  • This percentage jumps to 90% if the audience is narrowed to 13-24-year-olds
  • Daily Snapchat users open the app about 30 times a day

Having the right strategy to target this audience is key to bringing in significant ROI. 

The data shows that 6-second ads are the way to go! This is largely due to the shorter attention span of millennials and generation z-ers. Furthermore, the 6-second ads lessened intrusion in the audience’s platform experience, more closely aligning with their behavior.

Want to read more about what else is effective on Snapchat? Check out this article and learn how to connect with you ideal audience in a snap.


💰 Remarketing

If your email open rates suck, this is what you might be missing…

If your email open rates suck, this is what you might be missing...

Your goal: To attain the highly sought-after unicorn – 100% open rate on your email campaigns.

Your problem: Your current open rate is 12% and you have no idea how to bring that number up.

Your solution: Scan through the Furlough Newsletter to see if there is anything advice you can implement – immediately!

Email open rates have multiple factors that affect their open rate

  • Deliverability: Is the email getting to the inbox, or is it bouncing or ending up in the spam folder?
  • From Name: The name that appears to your reader that says who the email is from
  • Time of Day: Is 9 am better or is 7 am the best?
  • Preheader Text: The small amount of text that appears as a preview of your email.

But the biggest factor of all? Subject Lines!

Subject lines are your chance to capture your reader’s attention and pull them in to see your content. If these are not optimized, you are missing out on connecting with your email list in a MAJOR way.

Using A/B testing can allow you to see which subject lines are resonating the best with your audience, helping you drive that open rate higher.

Not sure how to get started testing your subject lines?

Check out this article from GoDaddy and learn how to set up your tests effectively so you can start seeing your open rate jump.


🤩 Spotlight

Attention Writers Opportunity to Build Your Online Presence

Attention Writers Opportunity to Build Your Online Presence

Are you a writer without a platform?
Want your content to be pushed in front of a connected community?
Or maybe you want to develop your portfolio so you can take your career to the next level.

We have a proposition for you..

Become a writer for and get your eyes on your content.

A few perks are:

  • your own contributor page on
  • ability to reach out to brands on furlough behalf
  • generate business leads
  • get media traction with Press releases
  • and more…..

Message Roslyn on discord for more details 

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