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📅 [May 24, 2021]


Welcome back! We are back at it again with all the fire you need to ignite another bomb week.
In this week’s issue:

  • Discord stepped up its game in competition with Clubhouse & Twitter.
  • SEO is getting an algorithm update from Google, see what strategy will improve your page ranking.
  • Must have E-commerce Facebook strategies for your E-store.
  • Smooth Onboarding to reduce stress.
  • Furlough Design Team is kicking off the first meeting, join us in Discord on Thursday!

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📱 Social Media

Why You Should Be Using Discord

Why You Should Be Using Discord

So long Clubhouse & Twitter! Discord is taking the world by storm and finding new ways to keep users on their platform.

Created in 2015, Discord was originally geared towards connecting gamers to their fan communities.

It has since exploded and serves over 150 million users in a myriad of community types, including musicians, comedians, artists, and…ahem…marketers.

Catching on to the audio stage fascination, they unveiled their newest feature  –  stage channels. Different from their voice channels, the stage channel function allows 1000 active listeners without the hassle of having to manage them all.

Further updates are anticipated next month that will further refine this rollout and make it easier for users to access. To read more on how Discord is upgrading its platform and how you can use it to connect with your audiences, check out this article.



5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the 2021 Google SEO Update

5 Ways to Stay Ahead of the 2021 Google SEO Update

Quality content has always been (and will always be) an integral part of getting your page ranked

But Google’s upcoming algorithm update is anticipated to shift more focus onto the technical aspects of SEO than ever before.

The 2021 Page Experience Update will focus on the user’s experience while on your page, measured by Google’s Core Web Vitals:

  • Largest contentful paint (LCP): How soon can the user start interacting with the page? They should be able to do something in 100 milliseconds or less.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): If a display ad changes, will it move the texting you’re reading? It shouldn’t.
  • First Input Delay (FID):  How soon can the user start interacting with the page? They should be able to do something in 100 milliseconds or less.

Want the skinny on how to improve your page’s core vitals? Check out these 5 ways to improve your core web vitals to stay ahead of the game.


📈 Operations

Reduce Stress by Minimising Employee Onboarding Time

Reduce Stress by Minimising Employee Onboarding Time

1 in 4 new hires quit within the first 90 days and the top reason why is…

Poor onboarding processes.

And you know what that means? Extra headaches for managers and employers.

Who wants to be scrambling trying to fill roles constantly? Not me!

If you can get your onboarding process to be as clear and easy to follow as possible, you will save time training employees, correcting employees, and of course the money from the hours it takes to put someone through the process.

Make the onboarding process as smooth as possible and limit your stress with this simple guide.


💰 Paid Advertising

Must-Use Facebook Ads Strategies for Ecommerce Marketers

Do you really have an e-commerce store if you don’t have an Ad Strategy?

Seriously though, what’s the point of having an online store if you don’t have eyeballs looking at it!

This article covers strategies from Dynamic Product Ads, Lookalike Audiences and Conversion Tracking enable e-commerce businesses to crack the sales code.

No eyeballs means no sales. And no sales means you’re paying overheads for nothing.

Get eyeballs on your e-commerce store and increase conversions now with these strategies.


🤩 Spotlight

Kick-off your Design Game

Kick-off your Design Game

We have been anticipating the kick-off for the Furlough Design Team! We will be having our first Design session next Thursday at 3 pm EST on Discord.

Join Darius and Birdy for:

  • UI / UX design and a QA
  • Upcoming design projects
  • Design improvements
  • Other elements that will have you more design inclined even if you don’t have a design bone in your body

This is an overall high-level design meeting that will discuss design at a much deeper level than just graphics. See how you can improve your own design game and how you can get involved with the team.

Let a Community Manager know if you want to join the Design Team and learn with Darius and Birdy

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