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📅 [June 14, 2021]

Welcome back to another week! We have been busy, the next few weeks are going to be exciting here at Furlough, we have big things in the works. Stay tuned and join us in Discord to hear more.
In this week’s issue we’ll look at:

  • B2B marketers, are you on the right platform?
  • Are you stuck in a content rut?
  • Should You Be Using TikTok Ads?
  • Come Through The Inbox Dripping
  • BIG NEWS! We’re Taking Furlough to The Next Level

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📱 Social Media

B2B marketers, are you on the right platform?

B2B marketers, are you on the right platform?

Choosing the right social media for your brand and business goals can be a pitfall many business owners and marketers fall into.

There’s no point putting time and effort into publishing content on a platform if your target audience is nowhere to be found.

Many people gravitate towards Instagram with its shiny aesthetics, but if you are in the B2B space, you probably will have less success on the platform than someone who is marketing to the general public.

Here’s what you should do instead.

Pivot towards LinkedIn.
Not convinced?
Check out our infographic exclusively on Furlough.



Are you stuck in a content rut?

Are you stuck in a content rut?

Not sure what you should be writing about on your website’s blog?

Enter Google Trends.

As marketers we love data! We even love data for content marketing.

Use Google Trends to find out what people in your target market are searching for.

Once you’ve found a topic that fits, your next steps are to write about this trending topic.

The result?

An SEO strategy that works to drive more traffic to your site.

We will give you a head start.

Check out the latest stories and insights from Google here.


💰 Paid Advertising

Should You Be Using TikTok Ads?

Should You Be Using TikTok Ads?

The most downloaded app at the end of 2020 – TikTok has definitely claimed its spot as a prodigy amongst social media platform giants.

Less apparent may be figuring out if you should implement TikTok ads into your social media marketing strategy. Should your client be on TikTok? Do you have the budget for those types of ads?

The experts at The Social Media Examiner have got you covered.
You’ll learn:

  • If your business should be on TikTok
  • How to set up your Ads
  • Ways to optimize it for your audience

They put together a full guide on how to set up your TikTok Ads.


💰 Remarketing

Come Through The Inbox Dripping

Come Through The Inbox Dripping

Have a cold leads that need to be warmed up?
If you already have their email addresses then take our advice – Start a drip campaign!

Marketo describes drip campaigns as sending a communication to prospects and customers on a regular basis – keeping you top of mind.

They can be used to prepare your audience to receive an upcoming sales pitch or to prepare them for a new service offering.

Drip campaigns are fairly easy to plan and schedule using an ESP like Mailchimp or Klaviyo, making it ideal for small businesses or companies with smaller marketing departments.

They also have the added benefit of positioning your brand as a thought leader in your niche, since you are regularly communicating with your audience on that topic.

On drip campaigns here and start warming up your audience today.
Read Martketo’s full article.



BIG NEWS! We’re Taking Furlough to The Next Level

BIG NEWS! We're Taking Furlough to The Next Level

We would like to introduce you to Furlough’s newest asset Ophir Gadot!

Joe’s long-time mentor. They met back when they were working on a $10,000,000+ eCommerce brand where he moved on to work on great projects including an eComm brand conglomerate that generates $100M+!

Ophir is coming into Furlough at a high level and bringing in waves of momentum with talks of development of a marketplace, affiliate network, academy and as well as opportunity to fundraise capital to expedite timelines on our community’s mission.

With Disney+’s debut of Marvel’s Loki last week it’s starting to feel like Furlough is assembling the digital marketing Avengers! If you haven’t welcomed Ophir to the community feel free to send him some love in Discord at Ophir#0407

Head over to the Furlough.

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