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📅 [DEC 13, 2021]

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Bootlegging is cool.

Ever wondered what happens when the metaverse collides with mega fashion conglomerates? Are sales of branded digital items legal if the brand had nothing to do with them?

This is the dilemma Hermès finds themselves in this last week, as two LA based creatives sold a “Baby Birkin” NFT at auction for $23,500.

What a way to build some UGC!

In this week’s issue: 

  • Notice Something Strange About Your LinkedIn Connections?
  • Actionable Advice From Experts Around The World
  • We’re Back With A New Startup Booster Next Week
  • Quickfire SEO Gems With CEO, Jon Bennion
  • Paid Opportunity: We Are Expanding Our Team!
  • Last Weeks Best Bits

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🙌  Week Kick Off

Notice something strange about your LinkedIn Connections?

Notice something strange about your LinkedIn Connections?

New year goals start today!

In this weeks kick off session we discussed how to build out the authority and personal brands of our community members. Increasing your visibility on the social side is a key way of growing in your career and picking up clients.

Want in?

Here’s the strategy:

Furlough challenges you to posting content on LinkedIn once a day. In return everyone involved will be engaging with your content which will boost your profile, credibility and ultimately, your reach.

Access to the Linkedin engagement channel is by invite only, so ask a community manager if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. 

What’s going on in today’s Kick Off Session?

We’ll be giving real time feedback on the projects happening with community members as well as allocating resources if needed. Everyone has the chance to speak and be heard!

As we bring in more service providers into the community, we will be seeing more advanced conversations in the space. There will be a big focus on the growth of the Discord and YouTube events.

However, quality > quantity!

If your serious about making moves come along today’s Kick Off at 10:30am EST and share your goals! 


We’re Back With A New Startup Booster This Week!

We're Back With A New Startup Booster This Week!

We’ll be boosting this new startup called PADL, that’s been making waves in the Paddle Board & Kayak rental industry.

PADL has already successfully raised a pre-seed funding of $500k leading to over 500 locations and are looking to expand to 750 in 2022. 

With the help of Furlough’s community experts, we’ll give actionable insights and advice they can use to improve their current digital marketing efforts and crush their goal in the new year!

We’re excited to bring on the PADL directors and show them what Furlough is all about. This is definitely one you don’t want to miss!

Starts Tuesday at 2pm on Discord.


🔎 Brand Audit

Actionable Advice From Experts Around The World

Actionable Advice From Experts Around The World

Last week we took a deep dive into one of Furlough’s eCommerce clients, Pchee Bum.

In this jam packed session we had a few experts join and give some actionable advice for taking Pchee Bum’s annual revenue from $1.9MM to $3.5MM while making the customer experience as best it possibly can.

Some of the highlights from the session👇🏻

Email Marketing Key Takeaways

With around 13,000 subscribers, Pchee Bum is generating around 15-20% of their revenue from email marketing (WOOHOO!) but could be better by doing the following:

  1. Transition to more content driven campaigns at least 1x per week (focusing on workout content) after all the heavy promotions these subscribers have seen the last few weeks.
  2. Touch up on the overall email strategy (improving flaws in current flows + defining new ones).
  3. Incentivize new website visitors to sign up with a new value add.
  4. Test SMS collection and basic SMS automations/campaigns.

Facebook Ads Key Takeaways

Pchee have a strong TOF audience but there are some things that would improve MOF.

Our suggestions:

1. Test new interests (general beauty, sportswear, leggings).
2. Add additional micro segments and make audiences more granular.
3. Utilise brand collabs with related influencers to develop new assets and find new audiences.

Speaking of assets, Pchee would benefit from:

1. Videos, static images and gifs from influencers.
2. More promotional content including lifestyle / action shots.
3. Copy to go with the new created assets.

SEO Key Takeaways

Their SEO efforts have been light so far but the brand are bringing on additional help for this to push link building, content and schema optimisation.

Google Ads Key Takeaways

1.  Other brands are targeting their keywords. To combat this, release branded campaigns to dominate traffic.
2. Target competitor campaigns to capture new audiences with a budget of $500 – $800.
3. Copy to go with the new created assets.
4. Remarket across Google marketplace, bidding more aggressively to win returning customers.
5. Create shopping campaigns with a budget of $2800.

Things To Test

  1. Microsoft product ads
  2. Snapchat campaigns
  3. Test video campaigns on YouTube for TOF and remarketing efforts Issues.

Changes Needed

  1. Enable Demographics Reports on Google Analytics.
  2. Create a remarketing audience (30 Days, Add to Cart, 20mins).
  3. Add audience segments and customer Match data Audiences

Website Suggestions

  1. Improve social proof and incorporate reviews within category and homepage
  2. Plan CRO efforts for April/May/
  3. Launch an Amazon account in early 2022, projected revenues should be more then $300k in 2022
  4. Utilize Later(com) feature for smart linking of products on Instagram account

Tune in this Thursday @2pm to catch the next brand audit with another client in our community, The Beach People! 


Quickfire SEO Gems With CEO, Jon Bennion

Quickfire SEO Gems With CEO, Jon Bennion

SEO lovers, did you catch our interview with Jon Bennion? He’s worked with Neil Patel and is the CEO of

Quickfire gems from the session: 

What is good SEO?

Make sure client looks and is best possible answer which Google’s algorithm wants to satisfy their customers

Anchor text best practices

Your safest anchor text which is your brand name won’t help your SEO efforts. Vary anchor text, by using different keywords and keyword phrases.

Jon’s tools of the trade

SEM Rush – keyword and top page data
Ahrefs – one of the most valuable backlinking tools
Screaming Frog – great content crawler and seo hygiene auditor (has free version)

Best advice for SEO copywriters

“Be open with your clients.”

You will have to go through a revision process. Set honest expectations so your client doesn’t get disappointed when revisions are needed.

How to write a good guest blog post

Reference the client website as an expert or source of information instead of focusing on the product.

  1. Try to make the article helpful.
  2. Put your backlink in the first or second paragraph.
  3. Add links from other sources but not direct competitors.

Should everyone have a blog?

“The last thing Google needs is another blog it can bury on the 5th page of the search results.”

93% of blogs never make it to first page google. Blogs that do are on giant websites. What you need is longer, better, more informative content on your home page.

Missed the session and want more gems? Watch it here.



Paid Opportunity: We Are Expanding Our Team!

Paid Opportunity: We Are Expanding Our Team!

Are you someone with marketing / business experience who loves being on camera?

We are seeking someone to host our Feature Friday’s. This interview style podcast is live streamed and broadcasted on YouTube.

Perks of the role:

  • Build your network by leveraging ours
  • Build your personal brand through video content on Youtube
  • Build your authority: Articles will be published and distributed using our community resources

How will you be paid? 

This opportunity will include a fixed rate of pay per session hosted.

Your responsibilities will include: 

  •  Coordinating guests
  • Pre show warm up / agenda
  • Post show Follow Up
  • Building your network

We will start you off by letting you take over Feature Fridays with the opportunity of taking on more sessions.

How to apply:

Direct message Joe @CasanovaIQ. Please be prepared to participate in a mock interview showcasing your hosting and interviewing skills. Don’t worry guys, this one will be off screen!

🤳 Round-Up

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community

Get ready to experience this weeks best bits from our community:

ECOMMERCEHow to deal with a PR nightmare.
UI/UXA guide to web typography.
TOOLS: 44 products by bootstrapped startup founders you can use.
MINDSET: A message to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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