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📅 [Aug 2, 2021]


It’s Monday, and we’re back! 

One of our writers this week had their Facebook live stream bombed by none other than their own mother…bringing new meaning to the phrase “brand transparency.”

In this week’s issue:

  • Perfection Won’t Get You Conversions on Social Media. Here’s What Will…
  • Struggling With Link Spam? Google Is Taking Action to Help You Close the Can
  • Should You Take Risks In Your Career?

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📱 Social Media

Perfection Won’t Get You Conversions on Social Media.
Here’s What Will…

Perfection Won't Get You Conversions on Social Media

VaynerMedia Asia Pacific’s managing partner and head of creative, VJ Anand and comedian Rishi Budhrani got together to talk about building out your brand presence on social media.

The highlight of this conversation was perfectionism in social media marketing.

The two both agreed on this: It is positively, and absolutely…overrated.

In fact, perfectionism may be the very thing that is killing your social media performance. How is that for irony?

Budhrani spoke on his own personal struggle trying to overcome the need to have a polished presence.

“Sometimes, we are always waiting. I had that problem. I liked to make sure everything is perfect before I even start anything and that is the biggest mistake. Because if you really want to wait for things perfect and if you start at the top, where are you going to go?” – Budhrani

Here’s our take:
Of course, you want to put out something that is polished and pristine when getting on socials. However, your engagement on socials should not suffer at the expense of waiting for perfection to come your way.
What is more important than the perfect image are authentic engagements that allow your audience to learn about your brand. Content can always be scaled up and optimized.

The two also discussed some key ways to capitalize on content and platform performance.

Want to hear the full conversation? Listen to the full episode here. 



Struggling With Link Spam? Google Is Taking Action to Help You Close the Can.

Struggling With Link Spam

The dreaded Link Spam. No one likes to see it.

Link spam is the underhand tactic of posting promotional links that are out of context and detrimental to user experience.

Google’s Link spam update aims to combat this issue – “in our continued efforts to improve the quality of the search results, we’re launching a new link spam-fighting change today — which we call the “link spam update.”

This algorithm update, which will roll out across the next two weeks, is even more effective at identifying and nullifying link spam more broadly, across multiple languages.

“Sites taking part in link spam will see changes in Search as those links are re-assessed by our algorithms.” – Google

Here’s what you should do to prevent your Google rank from declining due to this new rollout…

Add appropriate tags to links where value is exchanged:

  • Affiliate links: Label these with rel=“sponsored”
  • Sponsored Post Links: Qualify these with rel=“sponsored”
  • Guest Post Links: Mark these with rel=“nofollow”


🤩 Spotlight

Should You Take Risks In Your Career?

Should You Take Risks In Your Career?

Throughout your life, you’ll face hundreds of potential risks. Not all of them will be major, life changing events but what happens if one comes along that is?

Are you going to live in fear, wondering what could have been?

Or are you going to take action and turn that risk into reward?

Take community member, Sajad Mahyaei, his life path was set in motion. An attendee Masters student for mechanical engineering, was feeling the pressure of everyone else’s expectations. He felt like peers and family we’re trying to squeeze him into a box, crafting out a life for him based on their own aspirations.

His true passion? Marketing.

After reading the book “Made To Stick.” he decided to take the plunge. He dropped out of his Masters’s degree.

As scary as that is, Sajad kept pushing forward. He eventually stumbled across everyone’s favorite Anti-Guru, Joe Cassanova, and the community here at Furlough.

“Everyone was very welcoming and I found peace in the community.”    

Fast forward to today, Sajad now works on Furlough’s SEO is well along the way to becoming a fully-fledged Full Stack Marketer!

“Right now I’m more than willing to share my story with people and help them get over their struggles and start doing what matters the most.”

You don’t have to live life in the passenger seat. At Furlough we want to empower you, with the help of our community, to take action.

So to answer the original question: Yes. Take calculated risks. Be bold and strive to make a life you’re proud of!

🤳 Round-Up

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