Social Media Influencer Marketing For Real Estate


Influencer marketing is quite a new concept in real estate, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore it. In fact, it provides a more effective way of reaching a broader audience beyond your usual target, and paves way for establishing your online presence as a brand at a larger scale. This can not only give your business a boost, but also set you apart as the go-to real estate authority in your space.

But what’s an influencer anyway? Influencers are people who’ve built a strong social following due to the content they share and the value they give to their audience. As a business persona or marketer, you can build relationships with them, so that in turn they can help you build a relationship with their audience. The goal here is to gain the trust of the influencer so that you can eventually align your business with their brand by association. 

With influencer marketing, the value the influencer brings, the size of their audience, and the quality of their audience are of utmost importance. For instance, you can find an influencer with 5 million followers on Facebook, but these 5 million users are all under the age of 24. This is no target market for a real estate company trying to find buying and/or selling clients!


Why You Should Consider Working with Influencers

Aside from sharing your content to their audience and referring you to their networks, influencers can share insights to help you better understand your target market. Their built-in audiences ideally give you an opportunity to gain some insight into what the kind of people who follow and engage them like and don’t like. Such insights can help you supercharge your marketing efforts, and tweak them for the better. 

The influencer should also have kind of audience you’re looking for; not just blatantly interested in real estate, but ones with the profile of someone with whom you would like to work with. The audience can be baby boomers if you’re looking for clients in this demographic, or young professionals if you’re looking for first-time buyers. Keep in mind that different people follow different influencers based on who offers value to them and showcases the kind of lifestyle they want. 

When you identify your target market, it’s easier for you to narrow down your list of potential influencers you can work with. Of course, once you’re done, you should vet the candidates to determine whose influence is most relevant in your case, who has the greatest potential for reach, and overall, who’s the perfect fit for your campaign. 

You can choose to work with a single influencer who has a large following in different social media platforms. Or you can work with one influencer for every outlet. With this in mind, find the platforms where you want your campaigns to run, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. 

The influencers should be frequently engaged with their audiences, and relatively active. If there’s no easily discernible relationship with their audience, or they don’t post content regularly, then it will be very difficult to build a rapport with their audience too. 


Top Social Media Influencers for Real Estate

Kris Krohn (@kriskrohn): Kris is one of the top social media influencers in real estate who is all about empowering other real estate investors. He authored “The Straight Path to Real Estate Wealth”, and created the Straight Path System, which are all about providing tools for real estate investments. 

Grant Cardone (@grantcardone): This outstanding real estate influencer has helped teach real estate investing to beginners. He’s able to reach hundreds of thousands of loyal subscribers in his YouTube channel. He also has his own radio show called “The Cardone Zone”, through which he teaches entrepreneurship and making money in real estate. 

Brandon Turner (@beardybrandon): Along with writing blogs about real estate, Brandon is the vice president of marketing and communications at Bigger Pockets, and is also involved in publishing real estate vlogs on various social media platforms. He also owns Open Door Properties, a property management company in Washington, and runs – a real estate blog dedicated to the younger generation.