Staying Authentic with Brandon Zingale | @brandonzingale


When we got the chance to interview Brandon Zingale, also known on Instagram as @brandonzingale, we jumped on it. Born April 21st, 1990 in Cleveland, Brandon was born and raised in Cleveland where he continues to live to this day. It’s his hometown and he loves repping it. Brandon’s authenticity is a big reason we believe his 500k+ followers continue to engage with him. His fans like the fact that he puts on for his city no matter what. 

We asked Brandon to tell us his story, how he got started in social media and how he became an influencer.


Brandon told us that he was in need of a  creative outlet that he could let run wild.He got his start when he began to create daily six-second comedic videos on Vine. With his characters California Carl, and his Mobster character he started to make a name for himself. Through this content, he grew to 700k followers. As we all know though, Vine eventually died, but Brandon’s influence didn’t. His audience grew on Instagram and many of his loyal followers from Vine continued to follow and engage with him on Instagram and now on TikTok as @1dude2doodles.  


Really, what is glory without the struggle?  It wasn’t all for nothing. Brandon told us about how he has learned from his mistakes and also how those mistakes keep him sharp each day. He mentioned how he just keeps going by not  letting obstacles paralyze him. We feel like that may be the Cleveland in his blood, always willing to put up a good fight to the end and never giving up. When asked what he sees for his business in the next 10 years, Brandon told us he wants to continue to grow his audience across popular platforms.


We asked Brandon to tell us about a few things that people don’t know about him. The first thing that he mentioned when asked this question  is that he is a proud alumni of The Ohio State University. He also told us that in addition to being a social media influencer, he has a full-time job in marketing. We picked up from Brandon that he is a busy guy who is all about winning. Brandon also has a chill side as well. Especially when it comes to hanging out with his wife Kristen and their two dogs Sneakers and Oscar. 

 We also asked Brandon about some of his past collaborations, as well as collaborations that he looks forward to. Brandon told us that he has worked with several fortune 500 brands and that he is most proud to have worked with brands such as @espn, @subway, @bwwings, and @pepsi. He also let on that he always enjoys any sports or food collaborations. In the future,Brandon would love the opportunity to work with @nike, @underarmour, and also  any luxury car brand s on collaborations.



Brandon  consistently preached authenticity, not only in life, but in the influencer business as well. He hinted that not only will your followers appreciate your content more, but that authenticity leads to more engagement and more loyalty from your audience.

Brandon gave us some great closing words for anyone looking to be an influencer,  or looking to work with influencers. He said, “Always stay relevant while being yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.”

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