Maximizing Event Success with Influencers


Social media is playing a crucial role in almost everyone’s life these days. Millions of people follow their icons, idols, brands, and what not! This has given many companies an opportunity to collaborate with social media influencers to promote their brand. Many of these influencers also look for a space where they can share their story of how they became influencers in the virtual and real world. 


Furlough is a website that provides full freedom to social media influencers so that they can tell people all about their journey. One of the reasons why this website is the right place for influencers is that they can talk about the upcoming events that they will be a part of. Social media influencers are a part of numerous events, some of which they share live with their followers. 


A significant number of influencers are associated with well-known brands. Whether it is skincare products, photography gadgets, apparels, or any field that the influencer is from; Furlough always welcomes influencers, brands, and fans to a single platform where everyone benefits at the same time. Wondering how that happens? Here’s what everyone needs to know:


Benefits to influencers

Social media influencers have a common goal – to achieve more and more followers every passing day. Those who already follow them will like, share, and comment on their posts on various events they attend so that more enthusiastic followers can hit that “follow” button. Furlough is a place where the followers and influencers share a common stage. This allows the influencers to share what they experienced at the event. From product launches, promos, to conferences and success parties of different companies, followers get an insight into what life is in the world of the influencers. This website tries to bridge the gap between commoners and celebrities. When followers understand the story of their influencers, they tend to follow whatever their icon tells them to. So, Furlough is the right place to experience the other side of success through the eyes of the influencer.


Benefits to brands

Brand ambassadors often serve as the face of a company during an event. These brand ambassadors are also social media influencers with thousands or even millions of followers. So, whenever there is a product launch event, the respective brand will partner with a brand ambassador to promote its new product. This is not only beneficial for them but also for the influencer.


With Furlough collaborating with numerous brands and influencers, it has become the meeting point for everyone with different objectives. Brands want to promote their products with the help of social media influencers because they already have a massive fan following, influencers want to gain more followers on social media so that they can share these events with everyone, and followers are the biggest gainers here – they not only experience a part of the life their idol is leading but also use the products that the influencer is endorsing. And, within all this is Furlough, which proves to be the most exciting place for influencers to share their story, interact with their followers, and establish new relationships with brands.


One of the best things about Furlough is it has its doors open for everyone who thinks they can successfully influence people. Those who don’t have millions of followers can start by registering in Furlough. The experts will curate an article that focuses on the potential influencer by grabbing answers from the questionnaire. As soon as the influencer shares his/her story, it will automatically be listed on the Furlough dashboard, which commences the ever exciting and wonderful Furlough Experience.