Where to Find Gaming Influencers to Collaborate With


Why Do Influencers Yield So Much Influence? 

Influencers have risen to such levels of importance by embedding their personality into their content creatively, which is hard to do with traditional media. If a YouTube channel or small blog gradually becomes famous, the community grows with it.

Influencers build and maintain a connection with their subscribers or readers and the building of this community eventually yields a lot of trust. By finding and using a presentation style their audience prefers influencers can bring together like-minded people that marketers can target.


Where Can You Find Influencers?

Some of the gaming influencers have grown to become household names due to their impressive success. Still, you might have to hunt down others because you should not only target the biggest ones, but those that are most relevant. 

Here are the best places to find gaming influencers:


The first place to look for gaming influencers is YouTube. The video sharing platform has more than 1 billion active users and is one of the most visited websites in the world. Its growth in popularity has transformed the entertainment world completely.

@PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, is a gaming influencer with the most subscribed channel of all. Other key influencers on the platform include KSI, Markiplier, Vanoss gaming, and others. The vast majority of channels specialize in a defined content format such as tutorials, reviews, competitive gaming, and game walkthroughs.


Social Networking Platforms

YouTube might enjoy the widest reach with regards to gaming influencers, but other social networks too have a large enough impact that you should include them in your outreach. Instagram is the second largest platform. Many famous YouTubers are also active Instagram users.

It is also a good idea to keep up with the largest gaming-related groups on Facebook and Reddit as well as following the top influencers on Twitter. Keep close watch on influencers that regularly earn upvotes or shares on Reddit.


Online Magazines

Gaming related publications such as magazines often publish reviews of new game titles along with previews of upcoming games. Others even publish walkthroughs along with other kinds of content. Getting write ups in leading publications such as Game Informer and PC Gamer is a great way to increase exposure.

Other publications to target include genre or platform specific ones such as the official Xbox magazine for Xbx games and Rock Paper Shotgun for PC games. Besides online magazines, it can be a good idea to reach out to the smaller and more specialized gaming blogs.


Steam Curators

It depends on the platform, but for any publisher or studio that plans to release a PC game, Steam is the top choice. It is thus one of the best places to reach out to gaming influencers. Steam curators are companies or individuals that help others discover interesting game titles by writing reviews and making recommendations. Just Good PC Games, PC Gamer, and Cynical Brit Gaming are some of the big names, but you will find many others that specialize in certain genres.


Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing for games is an effective but time-consuming endeavor for promoting your product, but it is also worthwhile in the end. To use this strategy successfully, brands need to have a great product or at least one that shows a lot of promise. It is also important to reach out to the right influencers to work with and promote your brand.